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Oh yess

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Paul Bearer sounds great! And Old School Undertaker is gonna rock!

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snap into a slim-jim!!

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i downloaded the demo and it looks great but the controls dont look soo good and you cant cofigurate it . i wonder if in the complet game we would do it ¿??¿?

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Pass on day one purchase. I'll wait until the price comes down. ^^THIS

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OHHHHHH YEAH I CAN DIG IT. lol Haven't watched wrestling since I was a kid but the demo was really fun. Like the NBA Jam of pro wrestling

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would have been better as a stratagy game.

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Its alright

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JAK-KILLER could possibly be the ONLY one buying this in his country. Haha, I kid the guy. But really, the game looks like it could be a good way to hang out with friends. Pick up and play.

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A fun rasslin' game = must buy. These things are like hen's teeth in this day and age of rehashed Crapdowner Vs Bore turds.

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Pass on day one purchase. I'll wait until the price comes down.

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I will BE The First one in my country to buy it

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now this is what we need some good old fashion fun!!! a decent wrestler was long over due!!!

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3 paths to the TOP and Hulk Hogan ain't one of them? The game looks great, but really now....

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game is gonna be beast mode. havent seen this much fun since wrestlemania/in your house arcade

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This looks more and more promising each time they release a trailer.

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I think this game looks awesome. The ridiculousness is everything that should be in a wrestling game. I'm really excited for this one.

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have not seen a proper wrestling game for many years and dont really think this is going to change it...

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ill buy this one "i have 2010 but i never played it IT SUCKS" ill get this one and will not have the 2012 game yeah it's much better :D

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Looks Cool, Got the Fight Stick for it(I know it works for other games)

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Wrestling is scripted, not fake. I hate when people say that it's fake. AnthonyCG I agree with you totally.

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Wrestling is not 100% fake. Those guys are still throwing their 200 lb plus selves other around and do get themselves hurt out there. And they do it every day. You get hurt? Well you got 24 hours to get over it. The couch warriors out there would never understand.

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seems better than what I tough it was going to be :)

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seems like a rent game to me

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This is what happens when your action figures come to life after you fall asleep. The graphics are cheesy but so is wrestling. If done right it could work.

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maybe this game is good? i really wish :)