World War Z: Massive Zombie Horde

A wave of zombies break over players defending Tokyo in this World War Z gameplay. Captured on PS4 Pro.

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You couldn't host that amount of zombies in division the server would crash, all that path finding constantly updating to find 32 players on a server(maybe 20 zombies per a section or something, but would be a problem to maintain) this games interesting because it has alot of zombies

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5 years too late

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Looking at that clip those are some fast moving zombies and it looks like it is fun. I may buy as I am intrigued.

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This game is easily the biggest, come from behind, surprise of 2019 for me. Soooo much fun. It just feels great to play and for that budget price it's a steal.

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World class defensive position for a zombie attack.

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Nope. No thanks. This looks like nothing more than a re-skin of The Division, but with zombies.

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@justthetip: your're joking right?