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Lets see we got a generic shooter, two bad action adventure games and a bastion clone - so in short - zero games to be excited about. Hurray?

Seriously, 2014 is turning out to be a pretty slow year for gaming. When will we get to play something that is actually good?

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@darktruth007 What makes me shocked is how long did it take this tool to figure out that most games are like... most games? I mean how many football/FPS games does one buy and rebuy every year for the full price that is just a rehash of the previous game?

I buy one of each genre' I like and that's it. (except fighters since there is 2d 3d weapons no weapons you get the idea) Oh... and story. A great story can force me to 'upgrade'

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@darktruth007 "bastion clone "


Possibly the most stupid thing i've seen posted on Gamespot in a awhile.

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Isometric view =/= bastion clone.

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I didn't play Bastion, so I'm pretty excited about Transistor.

Evolve is looking to be interesting as well a Project CARS if you're into driving games.

Maybe you need an expectation reset?

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Wish games would release in a strategic manner . I don't mean what month, just once I would like these games to release on a Friday, or maybe even on holidays (especially when digital) . Monday is a holiday, and yet they still choose to release when I have to enter back into the Fray. Sure maybe there is a perfectly good reason that I don't care about, but unless it's curing cancer or some other good deed, my first world problems dont care.

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TRANSISTOR!!! well, I'm obviously amped for it..

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Mary Kish's delivery is horrible. She's trying too hard.

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morphine.. smash one.. t one off.

straight to the vein

lol ●sarcasm●

real talk I agree bout her delivery.

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Killer is Dead Nightmare edition for PC.

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Both Drakengard and Transistor looks interesting.

Shame I got a mother load of game I still didn't touch:

I blame you Dark Souls 2 !!! you stole my life and souls!

Still gotta go through: Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, LRFFXIII, MGSVGZ, Blazblue CP, BIOSHOCK INFINITE, THIEF, and finally Dark Souls II.... which got me addicted.
Problem is: Child of Light, Transistor, Watch Dogs and more are still on my sights.....
Gaming is hard... lol

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@GunEye A-freaking-men, dude. I am backlogged years.

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@Brakkyn @GunEye haha! you an me both friend, you an me both.

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Transistor is on PC too

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People are actually streaming "Transistor" on PS4 right now!

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Drakengard 3 on May 20nd? What? I got it on Saturday ... in Switzerland ... my US import

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@ArchoNils2 how do you like the game? graphics? framerate? story wise? gameplay wise?

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All exciting titles, especially Transistor. I have high hopes for it, seeing it was made by the creators of the great Bastion.

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I know Gamespot is against the Wii U but saying that Nazis like it? That's a bit far. Pumped for Transistor!

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March 23rd? Oops.

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I kinda want Drakkengard 3 but I really want Wolfenstein and Transistor....

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One 'k' too many in 'Drakengard' Mary!

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Wolfenstein looks like its going to be fun.

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Could be a good week. I hope Wolfenstein: The New Order is good but I know it will bad. Hell.

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Looking forward to Transistor, haven't played anything strategic for a while.

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Quite the big list..Can't wait for Transistor, Van Helsing II and Wolfenstein. And a week later Watch Dogs comes around.

Things are starting to get really fun. :D

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Bring on the games... forever!