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not sure whether I should get this game on xbox 360 or pc!? any suggestions?

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Boldie, i could not agree more. And yeah, it is compairable to bioshock (or if you want to get technical, system shock) but it actual reminds me more of resistance fall of man for the ps3, ALA the weapon wheel, and the 1940/50 setting that takes a backseat to supernatural, which is a plus with all the drab ww2 fps games out there.

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Can't Wait, The original PC version was frigin awesome How the hell can you lot judge the frame rate of a game from a preview video that proberly been compressed and optimised for the web, You people are just HATER'S Wait till the game comes out, Play it, THEN moan IF it's no good. Till then shut up and go and finish your game of C.O.D

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this game does remind me of Bioshock

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i'll definitely be renting this game, i think it's gonna be awesome ...but the frame rate does look a little off in some parts of this video (they'll probably have all the kinks worked out by the release though, so i'm sure it'll be great!)

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just wait for batman

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Hmm... Houdini splicer?

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im still not too shur about this game, i might just get oblivion instead

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calling them morons will not get that good impression you know. anyway the game is interesting, just i have doubts about the choice of some enemies.

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What is with the insane amount of prejudice? This game isnt even out yet, stop railing on it, and the quality of this video is shiet, not the frame rate of the game. If you want to see a real demo check at the e3 stage demo, which is very impressive and solid, and stands as a testament of it's excellent production values. This is also an old video from the alpha stage, morons! lol

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@ parkurtommo and jim60360 you 2 are full of crap (game is going to rule, you just wait) @ bloodmoney09 it is going out for xbox360, ps3, and pc. xbox is dead, its been dead for years, YEARS, FOR GODS SAKE !

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why is this game choppy? Its not the video, its the game.

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looks to me like this game would be more use as a door wedge.

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Is this game coming out for xbox or the xbox 360? I can't really tell from this video lol.....

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Will need to see more of this first before I make a decision on it, not that impressed so far.

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How can you beat a dead horse when it's already rotted into the earth?

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it looks pretty average to me.

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Looks amazing. The clunkiness only adds more charm.

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ok i decided, im gonna walk past this game, and if i can im gonna put with marker dont buy this! at the store.....i can believe people make this rush games.....

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Looking to become a let down from my standpoint.

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Looks Super sad!!! Did anyone get impressed..!

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@ Suicide-Panda "looks good but has copyed things off others just like that assassin in hellboy" Ok so the original wolfenstein 3d was about 1992 and featured Nazis taking over the world with dark magic and super weapons (and preceeded by 2 other 2d titles dating back to 1982) ... and hellboy was when? As far as I know the first image of hellboy was shown in 1991 but the first story was not published until 2 years later ... Which would suggest that wolfenstein 3d was in development before the first image of hellboy was produced? Tseuch! Youngsters today!

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Nothing wrong with frame rates - it's supposed to be atmospheric and crazy, I guess...

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And I'm officially not buying this game..

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Was it my crappy PC or was the frame rate a little choppy at times?

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frame rates are pretty bad in certain spots.

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Very similar to F.E.A.R.

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I really hope that this trailer does not speak for the game's quality

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WTF! At some point I thought I had clicked on the wrong game... :(

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mehh 4 the fuken 5th time!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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meh (for the forth time)

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Hmmm, guess we'll have to wait and see!

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meh x3

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Swing and a miss....

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I hope it turns out good.

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This looks awful.

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this is gonan rock

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Ser Guht !!!!!!! zee enemy is veakened!!!!!

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Rip off or not, nazi assassins are never bad when it comes to KILLING THEM!

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looks good but has copyed things off others just like that assassin in hellboy

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(another) meh

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The enemy (in terms of behavior/attacks) resembles those (I forgot their name) from F.E.A.R.

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When it laughs it even sounds similar to Karl Ruprecht Kronen

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This assassin guy looks very much like "Karl Ruprecht Kroenen" from the Hellboy movie. A little bit of imagination please.

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This does not look like a sequel to RTCW. It looks like it might be an alright game, but as a follow-up to one of the very best games of it's time, no way. This whole alternate world thing, and now a shot of this wall spinning ninja dude, just another sign of these tuff times for PC gaming

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This adversary resembles a certain enemy in F.E.A.R. a little too much.

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