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Why Zombie Games Refuse To Die

With a new influx of zombie games, Mike Mahardy looks at what has made them so popular over the years, and why the undead horde will continue to be important for video games.

Following the release of State of Decay 2, Days Gone news, and the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies, Mike Mahardy took the opportunity to look back at the history of zombies in video games. What's more, he argues that the undead horde will continue to be relevant for a long time.

Although common refrain dictates that zombies are a tired trope in pop culture - and especially in video games - they serve a purpose beyond mere catharsis. They allow developers to sneak innovative systems and mechanics into games that might not otherwise be successful. Zombies make money, so creators can do what they do best: be creative.

For more on the saturation of zombies in video games, as well as any upcoming titles that features the reanimated monsters, come back to GameSpot for news, reviews, features, and more.