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I got news for you Ashley Esqueda, killing somebody that is TRYING TO KILL YOU IS NOT MURDER. IT IS SELF DEFENSE. Now if you want to discuss provocation as it relates to military operations and if killing is justified in those military operations, then that's a fair debate. But in the context of the COD trailer that is clearly defense as they are trying to kill you.

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@spartanx169x: Great job Mr. "Well Actually". You really showed her. I bet you are a treat at parties.

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New Call of Duty i think looks pretty weak. I have to agree with Ashley, them games basically all the same. Pew, pew pew, pew! Get them guys homie!

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yeah Jeff is just from awesome (and DLC, /filmcast, We Have Concerns...)

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You got "one of your favorite" people's name wrong, Jeff

Danny Dyer. hahahaha, Perfect

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@Goobshoeriot: he says it in so many videos. Very annoying and possibly disrespectful if he has been corrected a few times.

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I don't think these people are from Kinda Funny.