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Who Is The Punisher Season 2 Villain, Jigsaw?

In The Punisher Season 2 releasing on Netflix this month, we will see Billy Russo become the villain Jigsaw, one of The Punisher's biggest comic book enemies. So who is Jigsaw? Chastity digs into his Marvel comic origins.

The second season of The Punisher comes to Netflix this month, marking the return of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal). Featured alongside him in the first Season 2 trailer is a pissed off Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). He puts on a mask and becomes the villain Jigsaw, one of The Punisher’s biggest comic book enemies.

Before you watch Billy Russo in The Punisher Season 2, watch the video above where we dig into Jigsaw’s Marvel comic origins, abilities, movie appearances and Netflix series backstory. Go check out our review of The Punisher Season 2 here. And be sure to come back to GameSpot so you don’t miss our spoiler review video of The Punisher Season 2 coming soon!