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Who is Final Fantasy 7's Zack Fair

The ending of Square Enix’s 2020 remake of “Final Fantasy VII” left everyone with some big questions concerning the appearance of a dark haired guy in a SOLDIER uniform, limping along the grasslands, dragging a comatose Cloud alongside him. While fans of the original game were shocked to see said SOLIDER, Zack, alive and well, newcomers were confused. Who the heck is this dude anyway?

Originally introduced in "Final Fantasy VII" published for the Sony PlayStation in 1997, Zack's role, while pivotal, was relatively small. However, as more lore was added to Final Fantasy VII universe, referred to collectively as the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII", Zack's story was told in greater detail, particularly in the 2007 prequel, "Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-", on the PlayStation Portable", remastered in 2022 as "Crisis Core: Reunion". For anyone who hasn't played either, or maybe just needs a refresher, we present a crash course on best boy Zack Fair, who plays a major role in "Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth".