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Where's Zelda BOTW 2? | Console Crew

This week on Console Crew, Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor discuss why there was no Breath of the Wild 2 news in the last Nintendo Direct, talk about PS5 DualSense controller drift, and FPS Boost on Xbox.

New Year, new us. Generation Next is back, with a twist. We wanted to incorporate Nintendo into our weekly roundup and, since new hardware is now available, decided to take the opportunity to mix things up a bit, so, welcome to Console Crew, the show all about the games and platforms you love—same team, same jokes, different name.

This week, Lucy, Tam, and Jordan discuss the latest Nintendo Direct news, or should we say the lack of Hollow Knight: Silksong news (sorry, Jordan). They talk about the Skyward Sword HD remaster, but also question why Nintendo isn't doing anything more significant for Zelda's big 3-5 (it's February 21, in case you forgot). They also discuss the increasing cases of Fast and Furious: DualSense Drift on the new PlayStation 5 consoles, and take a look at FPS Boost on Xbox.

Console Crew is a weekly roundup of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox news hosted by Lucy James, Jordan Ramée, and Tamoor Hussain. Subscribe to to make sure you never miss an episode.