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Where Is Xur? Destiny 2 Exotic Vendor Location Guide (8/9 - 8/13)

Last week Xur had a god-tier Exotic helmet, and this week he has some armor pieces that are certainly worth a closer look. Check this guide to see where he is and what he's got!

Last week saw a banner visit by Destiny 2's Xur. The weekend vendor who supplies players with Exotic weapons and armor hasn't offered anything new in a long time, but the armor it offers comes with random perks--and last week, Xur offered an awesome Exotic helmet for Titans. The rolls aren't as good this week, but there are a few things on-hand that might help you knock out the requirements to earn your Majestic Solstice armor.

Check out the video above to see where you can find Xur and what he's selling. He's got a particularly useful version of Shards of Galanor that packs a couple of useful perks that make it worth picking up. You'll find a few other useful items for gathering orbs during the Solstice of Heroes, as well.

Bungie laid out this week exactly when it'll be adding cross save to the game. That capability will allow players to transfer characters between PC, Xbox One, and PS4, to play on any of them. We also know when to expect the game to move from to Steam on PC--which makes this a great chance to get new stuff from Xur ahead of the moves.