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Why do we need to know so much about a game, before we're willing to spend money on it? Danny looks at consumer expectation, and the price of a little mystery.

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Please a hard days work. Doing what, playing video games. I feel for you.

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Take care, bud.

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so sad. My favorite gaming show on the internet. :(

thanks andy for everything

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And now...I have no reason to come to this site anymore

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i agree with Danny on No Man's Sky - it's made a statement on it's own merits, and if it can deliver on the promises that have been made, I don't see why it can't be GOTY. It makes me feel old, but it reminds me a lot of my dad playing elite back in the 80s

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@cris123456789: Makes YOU feel old? What about us folks that were playing games ourselves in the 80's!

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All the best Andy, I'll miss seeing parts of your head in episodes of the lobby

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Good luck to Andy with all his future endeavours. But, as many have said here - please keep The Point going on. It is hands down the best show about games and it would be a shame to lose it.

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Good luck Andy, sad to see you leave.

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Best of Luck Andy. The Point one of the best game show I have ever seen and follow :).

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Best of Luck to Andy, he is an incredible video producer and great cinematographer. He will be missed, The Point became a can't miss weekly (and bi-weekly) stop for me.

I really hope Danny doesn't stop making this type of content. The lobby is great, but it doesn't come close to this. This show opens eyes, it makes sense of the mucky industry of games marketing and so on. It cuts through the clutter to put words on what it hard to describe and I love that. I see passion coming out of Danny in The Point that I don't see in any other gaming content anywhere.

Best of luck to Andy and the future of The Point or whatever this will become. I hope Danny continues what he built, even if its under a new name.

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Best wishes to Andy. Thank you for all your hard work and for making this show what it has become. Well, all good things must come to an end. Time to find a new favorite show on GameSpot!

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Aw, man, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear Andy's leaving. Best of luck in your next gig.

Danny, I hope you can keep the show going or something like it. Its definitely the best feature on this site. Cheers.

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No Danny! Don't end it here! The Point is one of the best gaming shows. I'e been following the Lobby and the Point ever since it first started. Best of luck to Andy and he will be missed, but please find a way to keep the show alive.

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Another great episode, and I'm saddened that this is the end of The Point. Best of luck to Andy. Danny, please keep doing your thing. Your funny, topical, thought-provoking videos are half the reason I still come to this website.

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You will be missed !!!!

Best of luck ....

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Thanks Andy! All the best. Can't wait for some sort of Arrow pointing Down show next?

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This show is the single reason that I come to Gamespot.

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Don't go ;(

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Frankly i prefer The Point from before Danny moved, so i don't see why it should stop. On the flip side i think Andy was seriously underused on camera. He was my favorite guest on the Lobby.

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The Point has been an amazing show that I've looked forward to over the years. thanks for it Danny and Andy and everyone else involve. Good Luck on your future endeavors Andy.

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There's water exiting my face... I don't know what to do. ALL THE FEELS. You inspire me to make new and exciting videos Andy, thanks for your creative eye! You will be missed!

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Danny stopped speaking about the topic and I was like man there's still some time left in the video.

Then came the news.

I'm crying waterfall... as I... type... this. :'(

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Damn! it shouldn't end, really! It's the best game show out there, not only on gamespot. Well, the best of luck to Andy, the guy is amazing! Farewell, The Point!

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I think you can know as much as you'd like to know about a game these days. Plenty of gameplay footage and details to give you a good idea what the game will be about before launch. Based on what No Mans Sky has revealed so far, some people obviously think that's enough to go on and pre-order or buy day one. No big deal to me but a demo from a business perspective, is usually a good way forward. Quite a lot of company's don't bother now. I guess it could be about money? I dunno, digital distribution can't be very expensive at all - putting a demo together might be, who knows but all the same, that's usually all I need to convince me to buy the whole product. Try before you buy so to speak.

I am a little skeptical about No Mans Sky because I'm just not sure how engaging the game will be. Seems like a game you could potentially play forever and even though I'm the type of player who loves to explore, that can get a little boring if there's no over-arching goal. That can put a lot of people off, some will love this approach.

No Mans Sky may end up being a very divisive title and part of me applauds Hello Games for keeping their cards close to their chests but another part of me is a little skeptical as well.

This one should be very interesting to keep an eye on though.

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Doesn't like literally everyone who works for this site make their paychecks based on the premise that there's an ample amount of crazies out there who want to know every single detail about a game or movie before it even comes out?

Odd to pose a question that the answer to (if on the off chance it was realized in mass) would hurt GS business.

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Thanks for the best footage gamespot had to offer Andy! You and the Point will be missed. Easily my favorite gaming series and one of the last things Gamespot gave me to look forward too. This website truly just lost a crucial peice of itself.

Once again I would like to thank Andy and Danny for all their hardwork and thought provoking questions! Great job and game on!

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the reason no mans sky has nothing to say is because there's nothing to say about it. i think we all know what the game is. well most of us. the game seems to be dining out on the veiled promise that they'll be loads of amazing and exciting things to do. it doesn't want to burts that bubble before launch!

yeah, the dude behing the camera is supertalented. i notived that from the start. glad he got a mention.

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I will miss the point. It's one of my favorite parts of GameSpot. Good luck to Andy!!

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Like the people before me, I've enjoyed The Point and been constantly impressed with your teamwork. I just want to add to the list of comments saying goodbye to Andy cause I think he deservers a nice shower of community-love before he leaves. =)

Great work both behind and in front of the camera Andy, you'll be missed!

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A nice episode to end the series on. As many are, I'm saddened to see The Point ending, I really don't enjoy video content that much, and much prefer to just read my online news... But I've always loved Danny's episodes. They are some of the most creative works being done on this site.

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While watching this video, I kept thinking- THIS is Why I love Gamespot so much. Then Danny had to break the news that Andy Bauman is Leeeeeeeaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!
Now I'm sad. Andy's recipes worked well with Danny . Thanks for all the good memories. And Yeah, I'M ACTUALLY FEELING SAD.

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It's always tough finding the balance between researching a game enough to decide whether it's worth spending time & money on versus spoiling the surprises the game has to offer. I already avoid most movie trailers as these days they seem intent on telling you the whole story before you can even buy a ticket.

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very interesting...

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Another great show I enjoyed is shuting down...not cool, not cool at all. But good luck boyz in the future project.

Why do I feel GameStop is falling apart?

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no more "the point"?

im going to leave the gaming industry. what can i do without you andy and danny how can i know what is good and bad what is a lie and what isn't now everything is a mystery to me guys and maybe just maybe as you said its for the best. good luck! and i hope someday you'll make a return and i don't care how and where but i will be waiting ;)

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"Why do we have to know so much about a game before we will buy it?". This is a question that I asked myself several years ago. I found that I lost interest in games that I knew a lot about before playing them. A great example would be Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning. I followed the development of the game from the moment material was available for it. I was a regular on the (now defunct) company's website. I watched probably more than a 100 hours worth of video content on the game. When the game was finally released I found that I started to lose interest about a week in, not because the game was bad, in terms of comparing it to other RPG's it had everything you could want in a game, but I lost interest because I knew everything about the game, there was no mystery left.

For some people they are perfectly happy with knowing everything going into it, sort of like the friend I have who simply cannot read a book unless they read the last chapter first so they know how the story ends. For me though, I have found that I have enjoyed games much more since I stopped trying to find out every little detail about games. Obviously I still do read a few reviews and such to make wise purchases but I am very intentional about not finding out too much about games I am interested in. The "mystery" of the game is half the fun.

As always, enjoyed this segment.

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Gaming also available on other platforms.

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aborted at 3 seconds... tired of watching this far cry bullshit commercial... time to head over to IGN

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@phili878: moron

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"Why do we need to know so much about a game, before we're willing to spend money on it?"

I could make a long, long list of games that were hyped beyond belief only to come out and not meeting expectations (in the slightest). Am I looking forward to a game that can provide an experience similar to Noctis IV but with modern graphics and more action? Yes, I definitely am. Will I fork up € 60,- three months before the game is even available and before I know it works and will run good on my pc? No, not a chance. They would have to offer a substantial bonus for me to spend money now for a game that might be worth playing in three months time. Something like a free season pass worth € 25,- . Right now the only thing you'll get is a better ship and some slightly more advanced gear, basically saving you time in the beginning of the game.

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Good luck in your future endeavors Andy. Thanks to you and Danny, I've had hours of entertainment and information. I'm sure that whatever is in store for your future, you'll rock it.

Danny: I hope you continue doing this or create something else. You entertainingly explore ideas that people don't normally think about, and you give a voice to people like me who love video games but sometimes question the practices of the industry. So thank you.