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What does Starcraft's Remaster mean for its Esports scene? And how is the RTS genre doing in general? The Lobby discusses.

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My childhood is returning remastered in the form of Diablo 2 and Starcraft!

Good video about many aspects of RTS but I don't remember mentions to iconic RTS as Age of Empires/Mythology, Warhammer, or Dune, for the present I love also Universe at War, King Arthur, Gray Goo or Total War, but never forget Turn Based as Might and Magic or Kings Boutnty.

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@Antarte: Heroes 3 of might and magic , was the best, multiplayer turn based games i ever played and one of the most fun multiplayer games in general i ever played. It's a shame theyve dumbed the game down now to stupid levels. Heroes 6 was a shell of its former glory. Heroes 5 was ok, but the Ai, never used boats properly, which was silly. Which made island maps against the Ai, pointless. Hopefully they go back to what made Heroes 3 so epic and improve on it. Including the campaign map , from a far away perspective. It doesnt need to be up close and 3D with rotating camera.

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I read the headline in Jerry Seinfeld's voice. Ugh.

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Thank you for the focus on RTS. I loved StarCraft back in the day, not sure though I want to replay it, but glad they are giving it a new coat of paint to help it a bit.

Now, I did play StarCraft II and while I "sorta" enjoyed it I felt Blizzard was more interested in eSports since, honestly, I felt overwhelmed by so many choices per unit and trying to hit the right key at the right moment in the heat of battle... ugh.

I'm 58 and for me the game was too fast. I know sacrilege... But I also played Deserts of Kharak (DoK) and I loved it, why?

For me, the focus of DoK was on a story, not an RTS game designed for online competition. The graphics were beautiful and had scope. I admit there were times I'd just track my little drone over the dunes zooming in and out. I used to do the same in Homeworld (space) just watching my ships... :-)

In StarCraft scope would seem wasted since it's really a sports game. While there were some frantic battles in DoK I never felt overwhelmed with too many choices, and there were some nice quiet (slower) moments before a desperate battle. Finally, DoK was telling an epic tale but in a quieter way. I was caught up in it. StarCraft tried to do the same but was loud and brash. Honestly I was getting confused. Not helped that the story was split over 3 games and separated by a few years. But yes, the cut scenes were nice in an action movie sorta way. But so overwrought.

Maybe this is one reason I'm enjoying the turn-based games a bit more. Civilization and X-COM. I get a chance to appreciate what I'm building and the fight that comes with saving my forces...

Again, just the opinions of one RTS loving oldster. ;-)

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starcraft way better than diablo @Erick