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Crap! I barely remember the details of ME2! But this looks cool..... i'll be playing!

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Is this for real? this dudes are so unprepared for this XD, i don't even know if they have played mass effect at all. First they say there is a ship for each race, which makes no sense if they all working together and as they found of like 10 seconds after they said that and we know by know there's Krogans in this game too, so 3 ships for each species makes no sense. And they said that this happens as the story of mass effect 2 went on, the first mass effect takes place in 2183 this one 2800.

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@LeonsKnnedy: The Andromeda initiative began during the events of Mass Effect 2 (The Andromeda Initiative trailer released yesterday takes place before the initiative launched). The events of the game take place 600 years after.

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@LeonsKnnedy: Actually, if you listen to the trailer it specifically says there are 3 ships each having a different alien race.

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@sweeneystephen@LeonsKnnedy: Yes, I was referring to the Andromeda Initiative trailer when I said that. I may have not made that clear enough though.

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But is this 600 years from the time of ME2, so they don't know about 3 when they wake up? Because if its 600 years before, how do we know salarians, asari or turians?

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@cainetao11: The four races would probably be Turians, Asari and Salarians. Along with Humans they make up the main council races. That means the four council races each have their own ark. That does not mean that there would not be others aboard the main ship called the Nexus. My gues probably Krogans (still genophage because of ME2 timeline?), Quarians etc. The nexus would probably function like a flying/mobile Citadel.

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@cainetao11: So based on the website dates they left in 2185 which is during the events of ME2. The journey took 600 years, so by the time they wake up the events of Mass Effect 3 have long passed. Unless they have some sort of way to communicate with the Milky Way is it very likely the characters of this game have no idea what happened during Mass Effect 3.

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@jeanluc: If only we could all be so lucky...

I'm not sure if I'm joking -.-