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Just don't forget what made Skyrim one of the greatest games of all time. I'm fine with innovative ideas, but not at the cost of tried and true methods. Fallout 4's dialogue system is a step back to me. It took away a lot of the depth of your character. No matter what I did it felt like I was always the same character. Over the course of my Skyrim playthroughs, each character felt unique and moldable.

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I agree 100 percent. Elder scrolls would be amazing if they brought their world alive like Kingom Come’s. I’ve always wanted Elder Scrolls to be more on the survival side. All of the points you made would be the reason I would pass on the next Elder Scrolls game world, that is just window dressing, for the much more realistic game world of Kingdom Come. I literally didn’t finish Elder Scrolls or Fallout 4 because the game worlds are just boring to me now.