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thanks that was a really cool vid, more please

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Having just moved from 1080p to 1440p I've noticed I can basically get away with not using AA on games anymore for the most part. Where the need arises I just use FXAA since a higher frame rate is always preferable to me.

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@thegamegod: I think I'll stick to 1080p.

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@mattjlea: You don't know what you are missing.

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@mattjlea: i cant say I blame you. While I enjoy the extra image quality the performance hit moving from 1080p to 1440p is quite something.

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2X MSAA is more than enough for me at maximum resolution.

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Ah, OK. Only use them seldom (play around with them).

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Excellent video.

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MSAA is the best, but it's also costly. (if you don't take SSAA into account, which will essentially double your internal resolution, depends on how far you go with it, e.g. X1 X2 X3)

Best choice would be SMAA, all the rest of em just blur and smear the entire scene. (If there's no choice like in Fallout 4, use Reshade and activate some LumaSharpen to negate the smear and blur)


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That is why its better to game on console, no complications the graphics are pre set for you so you just turn on the game and enjoy.

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@yukushi: Again with this crap?

Provably wasting my time in a obvious PS4 fanboy, but again: It's up to each one. If you don't really care about best graphics and just want you games to run acceptably fine and without potential compatibility issues for years to come, of course, get console.

If you want the absolute best experience, you go PC, but this comes with a price: both in knowing your system and understanding about graphics and performance and in a monetary one.

No no "best" or "worst". Just what you expect and want in gaming and whatever covers your needs. The rest is just useless fanboy talk. Don't know why that is so hard to accept or understand.

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@Warlord_Irochi: yea I'll stick to consoles. It's much simpler and I don't know anybody in my culture that games on PC. I'll run into ppl that game on PC every now and then and no disrespect to any gamer but they're normally nerds. Nothing is wrong with being a nerd either. Hell I'd game on PC if it was simple and as easy as gaming on a console. I'd get made fun of By my peers also lmao. Much power to the gamers.......

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@lilc74gd: Everyone on a console is playing with the same equipment so multiplayer is fair and balanced. A high end gaming PC provides an advantage over a standard laptop user in MP games. Personally I prefer a fair and balanced approach to these games than buying an advantage with better technology, however I understand that part of the PC experience is customizing or buying a better rig.

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@yukushi: That's why it's better to calculate with calculators, none of the complicated procedures associated with arithmetic operations or any such nonsense, you just push them buttons and get an answer! You've confused convenience with betterness.

EDIT: Edited the fairies out.

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@yukushi: Um...OK

Most games will let you choose from a range of pre-set settings or automatically choose them based on your hardware if you don't want to ever look at a settings menu. However if you do want to tweak settings, you have the choice. Consoles give you no choice.

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A good way to get around town, that's what it is.