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Completionist - Introvert - Analyst - Ghost - White knight.
Assassin's Creed - GTA - MAFIA - Max Payne - Splinter Cell - Hitman - Portal

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I tried to play multiplayer twice. Never took more than 10 minutes before I left the game and started playing the single player again.

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Yeah, I'm the white knight in this one.

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I don't really fall into any of these categories. I'm more like the rager and the absorptionist. Meaning I'm kinda like the reader in the since that I love playing games for the stories and being sucked into that world, but I hate listening to npc's whine and I might just turn the game off if they talk for too long. On the other hand, since I pick up games of any genre and suck at all of them I am very highly prone to just rage quit if I die more than 7 times. I like playing with people, but since I'm not a very good player others would rather be with someone who can hold their own.

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@ @kirill1 I believe they fall in the Analyst category? A few parts back?

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The Completionist/The Reader/The Builder/The Analyst/The Hoarder/The Min-Maxer/The Character Builder/The White Knight/(slightly)The Apologist

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I'm a speed runner, exterminator, introvert, ghost, difficulty snob, and apologist. I think I should go to hell, but I like playing video games.

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I definitely smack of The Reader, The White Knight and The Extrovert. I love multiplayer in FPS games, but I stick to story in RPG's and I ALWAYS play good, helping as many as I can.

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help i think i'm all of them lol

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Im a Completionistic Introverted White Knightish Ghost! lol

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what about the strategist?do the gamespot people ever play RTS games or turn base games ware they use tactics and brain power to out smart someone .... gamespot...

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ghost, always ghost

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1:32 from which game is this scene?

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white knight for sure...i have tried to play Kotor as a dark jedi half a dozen times...turned back to the light side before i was even off Taris

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I think they have probably missed two gamer types.

The cheater - one of those people who likes input cheats and cheats like those found in 007 Goldeneye (large heads, all weaons etc..)

The Sports Nut - one who plays only sports games

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Apologists... the most annoying of all gamer types. lol

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rad video its so bad

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Ghost/Exterminator/White Knight/Character Builder

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I am character builder and apologist but mostly character builder

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I mix it up, except for apologist , builder.

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LOVE character building so that's a category I totally fit into. Most times I play a White Knight but when I get tired of that or finish an RPG as a good character I inevitably play again as supremely evil just to get a taste of the dark side. Variety is the spice of life. And I'm mostly an apologist only because if a game becomes a series and I like the story I want to see it all the way through. Dragon Age 2 comes to mind...the game wasn't that great and had some design choices I didn't understand or even like but I liked the story in the first game and I need to know how the whole series ends!

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A mix of everything except the apologist and reader.

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@scante33 me too

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im a ultimate evil doer

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completionist, exterminator, character builder, white knight

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White Knight.

Ok, to sum it all up he's what I am.

Completionist Extrovert Hoarder White Knight.

I left out the second group of gamer types since I really didn't fall into all one of those.

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Yup, white knight Completionist w/. elements of most others. Guess thats all of the cute gamer chick (I don't remember seeing her in reviews and thats what I mostly watch), oh well.

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what game is at 1:23??

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@wizardboyus That looks like Metro 2033

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Default Sheperd!!!!!!

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Someone who likes Single Player, DRM-free, multi player Bots (anyone remember these?!!) and split-screen offline multi player games - sadly developers don't seem to care for old skool gamers like me any more. Thank God for Skyrim!

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@gamescottsman no, sadly, they seem to think that everyone wants to play online with others. I deal with others all the time, I play games to relax. I do like multiplayer sometimes, but I agree, it is much more fun when the person you are playing is in the room with you. I can't get into trash talking a person I don't know/see.

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@gamescottsman I also like getting beat by a person in person. If they are in the room, I want to play again, get a little revenge. If it is online I norm just turn the game off. I mean they could be a pro kicking my but, or worse yet a 10 year old girl, I don't know, and maybe don't want to, doh.

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Unimpressed. I like how he dodged the video card question.

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OK..... they didn't say anything about whether or not it is the Steam Box.

I hate articles like this.

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@dannyatkinson what did this have to do with the steam box..?

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I'm a bit of everyone but I prefer to play more by the paragon line than the rebel/evil one jejeje

I suppose I enjoy every game and try to suck every possible way of and facet of a game.

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Character Builder, White Knight.

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I'm an Introvert, Reader and Evil Doer first. Then Completionist (only on most favorite games), Ghost and Dificulty Snob secondly.

Don't look at me like that. Being an Evil Doer doesn't mean I'm a bad person, I just like to create Evil Characters, or characters that really dont give a crap to right or wrong.

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What gamer am I? PC gaming master race gamer obviously. Anything else is unworthy of even simple text.

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lol im a potentialist, lol i have the potential to become all of the gamer types 'D

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Someone open my mind how he use stealth style to play COD. But how if you just play sport like football or basketball? Maybe he can be a complesionist?

Well, I'm a gamer and for me it's just a game. I can be whoever I wanna be.

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How bad would it be if I said that I have major aspects of pretty much all these gamer types? Apart from maybe the ultimate evil doers, depending on the game itself (and possible what mood I'm in), I seem to see myself inheriting all these gamer types (that's all 15). I think this is one big sign telling me that I have to cut down on my gaming XD

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Call me a heretic, but I preferred the later Resident Evil gameplay style to the original. I'm not really a huge fan of the series but the gameplay of, i.e. Resident Evil 2 made me ill.

On topic, I consider myself the White Knight. There's already enough doom and gloom in most games to begin with. Take a stand and make a difference is my motto.

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reader & charter builder present

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White Knight, completionist, and exterminator.

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-a char builder huh? i am from this on a medium level provided i can make something special and not looking like a standard model in the game's world like in mass effect and elder scrolls oblivion

-not an evil doer, never

-and as you might have guessed, yes im a white knight

-an apologist can go and drown on their own piss. i will never encourage a publisher to make more crap games by placing money on it.

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Introvert/Character Builder/White Knight; with a dash of: Reader/Ghost/Hoarder/Min-Max.

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I'm 3 of 4 on this one excluding the Evil-Doer