What Do You Want in the Next Battlefield? Let's Play Bad Company 2 and Talk.

Ryan and Aaron play Bad Company 2 and talk about the upcoming Battlefield 5 announcement.

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full enviroment destructibility.. its all i want

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All of you saying you are tired of future based games, or that we should get a future based game - seem to forget Battlefield already did a future based game. Battlefield 2142 was an awesome game, that I doubt any of you even heard about let alone played with some of these comments.

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We may be getting a future game, this time. Yeah, its now a bit over done, but you have to remember, this game has probably been in development for a couple of years. When they started it, the future shooter craze hadnt been fully realized. They may be going on what the mindset was, 2 or 3 years ago.

If they do go in another direction, ill be impressed that they didnt merely follow the trends, and are trying to lead them.

We will see.

Im excited to find out, though. Ive fully made the transition from Call of Duty to Battlefield....im ready for a new game.

Great to see Ryan and Aaron back on stream. I dig their Battlefield vids.

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Dice to have **** all to do with EA and the game to be more like bad company 2 with 100% destructible environment...BF3 ,BF4 Sucked. Keep it modern not futuristic

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What do I want from the next Battlefield game? Bad Company 3.

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Please, no more futuristic FPS games. If that's the path they take, I'm skipping Battlefield this year. I'm hoping they just reboot 1942. I just want a WWII game that reminds me of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

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Less birds higher frame rates...

Whatever it takes to get to 55/60fps (makes such a difference in my opinion)

Vietnam era

BC2 ish

Though nowadays why couldn't they just add 4-6 maps from another era...? Hell..make the story about a WW2 vet where a few maps and levels are in WW2 while the guy is 17/18 and then 45 years old or so in the 60's who finds himself a general but back in the thick of things in vietnam?!

A survival mode with various customizations and factions of enemies you can choose to battle... Ie you set the map, mobs, waves, and other parameters, can coop 1-8 players and receive various awards, weapons, experience, trophies/achievements. And because it's a closed coop make the destruction insane ala. Jesse Ventura mowing down half the forest with his Gatling gun type destruction.

A zombie survival mode

Coop missions 1-6 players

Some classic maps (operation metro was probably the most fun I've ever had playing battlefield fighting for the middle base I think it was B)

Rush mode

Conquest large/small.

DM, CTF, Etc

A better system for configuring your weapons, armor, skills etc... It just seems messy.

Hmmm... The Desert Combat mod was probably the best most balanced fun I've ever had in a battlefield game... That and loved battlefield 4 once it got debugged a year later...

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Honestly, I wouldn't mind a remaster of BC2 remade with frostbite 3. I would buy that. I realize this would probably never happen, but I think a lot of people would get back into BC2 if this were done.

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100% Fully destructible environment.

Dynamic mapping with Levelution that does not lag

64 vs 64 conquest

Larger open maps like Silk Road so no cheap azz snipers.

Less modes of battle so servers stay full. Able to have one queue everyone waiting for the same map.

Multiplayer only. 20 maps at launch reduced price $49.95

Map builder to combine or customizes maps for play.

Better hit detection and reduced lag. Better balance of weapons and vehicles.

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For the next Battlefield game.... a mixture of battlefield 1942, battlefield 2, arma 2 and 3...bigger maps, lots of planes, tanks, lots of guns etc, etc, etc .... a real battlefield game like in the old times but with new technology in the weapons...

it's my opinion people... some will agree and some will disagree...

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Dudes **** a ww2 old guns just dont cut it and the variety is so limited I need up to date toys to play with, Vietnam could work but again variety of toys become limited I need modern no futuristic bullshit just modern.

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Haven't played Bad Company 2 in a while, but I remember it having a satisfying feel to it, and it had a tighter focus, 32 players, Rush. Which made it excel at that. The best Rush has ever been, probably still. The maps being built primarily for Rush made the maps and battles more condensed, more buildings closer together, more people in them, destruction of more use.

BF4 is blatantly superior for Conquest, especially the 64 player kind. I would like to see more maps that incorporate BC2 elements though. The top of Golmud is basically an MCOM area. More of that please.

The single player absolutely must be Bad Company 3 already, before those actors retire or don't want to do no dumb video game any longer. Get rid of this dour seriousness and linear scripting. They had something with the first Bad Company, the goofy, likable characters and dialog, gung-ho comic atmosphere, the open-ended level design. Then they just mostly botched it with BC2, and then they forgot about it.

I always felt BF1942 was separate from the era of WW2 fatigue. BF1942 was not the particular combination of theme and game design that people grew weary of. People were tired of "cinematic" WW2 shooters, not big, crazy, dynamic multiplayer games where you flew B-17's upside down under bridges. Battlefield explored WW2 from a different angle, let's say.

But the campaign is the area where that fatigue would be alive and well for Battlefield. If they're not doing something along the lines of a BC3, or something new, different from recent campaigns, then I hope they're not doing a campaign at all. Just put that money into more multiplayer maps and QA instead.

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@McStrongfast: BF 3 and 4 SUCK....i like nothing from ether......BC2 was the last good game all around.....

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they need to make a battlefield bad company 3. Like soon

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Anyone knows how to use a controller on the PC version of BC2?

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@cboye18: Try using Xpadder, haven't tried it for BC2, but usually works for all games i try

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@cboye18: Controller for a fps... shame on you.

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@rolento25: Hey, I used to play the game on PS3. Now that the servers are basically empty, I'd want to continue playing on private servers on PC. Don't judge me.

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@cboye18: you cant.....the mouse will never track on a stick....had the games for 6 years and still play it to this day.....can only get the controller to work to fly choppers.....

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@smokerob79: Crap man that sucks. I tried using the pinnacle game profile program but I can't get it to work. I thought there must be some other way :(

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Alternate WW1 history is a possibility that I believe is plausible, considering the rumors, that it would allow for DICE to indulge their propensity for gear and attachments, and a little bit because alternate WW1 is what proto-DICE built Battlefield on. Would be proper going back to its roots. Would also be different from the current trend of future stuff, which I agree with Ryan about that it's a wee bit trite because everyone's doing it.

WW2 (alternate history) is also plausible, because there's at least some people who've asked for that. No one's asked for WW1, really. And BF1942 was somewhat more of a success than Codename Eagle. So it would perhaps be seen as less of a risk. I'd be into WW2 as well. I'd pretty much be into anything over 21XX.

I wouldn't mind if weapon attachments disappeared for the most part, but I don't believe that's going to happen ever, as current DICE loves whacking people with sticks until they eat the damned carrot. The progression systems since BF3 has been such shit. Somewhere along the way (right after Bad Company 2 https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/09/01/battlefield-3-unlocks/ ) DICE forgot that having options and customization is what adds to the pillars of Battlefield, and became believers of the idea that stretching and spreading that stuff out for the hundreds of hours that people play these games for, is necessary to retain players for hundreds of hours. Like, the Battlefield design has proven capable of retaining players on its own. You've made a good game. Please stop making it worse with this rubbish idea. That's probably my main wish for Battlefield 5. I really, really, really do not want to start at the bottom of that tedious ass annoying DICE progression tree for the third time. I dread that moment.

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@McStrongfast: something did happen to weapon customization didn't it? It feels like they are too worried about the playing field being level and nothing feels different enough for the most part.

They could create a mode for end game where weapons and mods made a bigger difference. Like hardcore is to bullet hits.... Maybe something to make weapon modifications and specialization matter a lot more.

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BF4 is a much better version than BF2 for me. The reason four was continuously updated because it had a massive community and that when Hardline came out most people did not like it at all. I thought it was absolutely horrible.

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@xDaishi: I loved battlefield 4 once it got working... Hardline I just couldn't get into it. Desert combat mod on the original battlefield and bad company 2 are my two favorites though.

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@xDaishi: i hate 4....i have a 180 hours in it in just over 2 years.....i have 400 hours in BC2 just this year.....never do a game like 4 again.....NEVER

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God, I miss Bad Company.

I would take a Bad Company 2 remake over another mainline Battlefield.

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@xcrimsonxsynx: Get it on PC. Really lively community. Play it still to this day and it's still very fun. Only game modes that are consistently active are Rush, Conquest, and TDM

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@xcrimsonxsynx: i still play it.....lots of servers on PC and the game can be had for 5 bucks.....

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I want WW2 !

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Bad Company 2 was personally one of the best multiplayer FPS I've played till this day. I stopped playing Black Ops because of it and I was pretty disappointed with BF3/4 afterwards. It made destruction exciting and meaningful, which is why I felt that vehicle gameplay was a lot more fun compared to BF3/4. Map design was the best and the scaling was done just right (maps didn't feel too cramped or too big unlike BF3/4). You had less weapons and gadgets, true, but each item felt more useful than the quantity-over-quality approach that BF3/4 took. No annoying supression mechanic and the classes were better balanced (except maybe for the LMG medic lol).

Overall, I take Bad Company 3 made from the same development team of BC2 any day over another mainline Battlefield game. For me, that spin-off series is just superior.

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@cboye18: I agree with everything you say, except for the suppression... I HATED it in BF3 and frankly barely played that game at all, mainly because of suppression and the freaking annoying sunglare.

But in BF4 and Hardline the suppression isn't bad at all. I wouldn't mind it disappearing completly, but I'm fine with it being the way it is now also

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I want net code that works. Not something that barely works after a year of fixes. DICE net code has always been really bad. Better in game variety and content. A weapon in reality has a plethora of options down to the very mechanics of the weapon itself. If player a and player b have the same weapon, both players can customize their weapon in how it will operate so that while both have say a M16 it will work in a completely different way like say he changed the barrel and it can fire 7.62 rounds as opposed to 5.56 or say he made mods to the internal gas system to reduce his recoil so that now his weapon has reduced recoil vs the other weapon. Other things would be different types of equipment that did more than the usual that is in COD or BF. Like a portable homing rocket that requires two players to operate, so one guy controls the launcher and the other controls the lock-on laser and when the one player lases the target, the other player can then fire the homing rocket to hit the target. Uh, better balance of flying vehicles vs ground targets. Ground to Air weapons in reality have very fast and powerful anti air abilities and DICE always nerfs that stuff because the jet noobs whine that now they can't get 70 and 0 kills streaks. No levolution! That was a complete waste of tech in BF4! It also crashed servers for several months after initial release, if anyone remembers siege of Shanghai map! Fix the head to cover glitch, this has been a glitch in fps for a very long time. Players can hide behind head level cover and fire though it because of this glitch. Your screen is set just above your avatar so the glitch makes your rounds fire through the cover. Fix it so that either he cover is higher in the game or make the rounds fire into the wall instead of through it. Back to the weapon stuff, balance all the weapons or fix the unlocks, every game has that one or two weapons in each category that has high damage and low recoil with fast rof and everyone will use those sets of weapons in every match. BF3 the biggy was the M16A3 was the go to assault class weapon and all the good players just would run with it. Low recoil, high damage and very good ranged and cq accuracy. That's about it.

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@madgame23: yeah total BS......if you were really in the military you get one gun and that gun stays the same for the whole time your in......if you want it based on real world you would NEVER change guns or classes.....also you would kicked out of the military for using rockets on people.....

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>Get shot at.
>Run around building corner.
>Die, apparently, through the building.

The best after-action cams are the ones where they keep shooting at you because even they don't believe for a half-second that they killed you.

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A game not rife with microtransactions multiple versions, early access a season pass or published by EA.

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I've wanted Bad Company 3 for a long time but now not anymore since they'll just screw it up