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Westworld Season 3 Episode 1 "Parce Domine" Breakdown

Westworld is back for Season 3 on HBO! Lucy and Tamoor break down the plot, characters and key moments from the season premiere.

Westworld Season 3 takes Dolores and Bernard out of the confines of the parks and sets them free in the real world. The stakes couldn't be higher, with Dolores on the warpath and possessing the ability to manipulate modern technology and artificial intelligence, she could be the undoing of the world as we know it.

As well as breaking free from the parks, Season 3 introduces a new main character in Caleb, who is played by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. With a traumatic past, Caleb struggles to find his place in society after returning from serving in the military. He is, in a way that is reminiscent of Dolores's journey, discovering that the system is designed to keep him down. Caleb begins to realize that, to forge his own destiny, he may need to break the ties that bind him.

The first episode of Season 3 certainly feels more like traditional sci-fi fare for Westworld, but it still features what fans have come to expect from the show and love it for. Episode one is dense with religious undertones and complicated concepts of the mind, body, and soul to grapple with. It also plants the seeds for what could grow into compelling narrative and character arcs.

As always, we're here to dive deep into the episode and break it all down. Resident Westworld experts Lucy and Tamoor--along with special guest Lee Fliesmore--return to guide you through Westworld Season 3. The team will recount key moments from each episode, ponder their significance, theorize on how they could impact the future, and offer their verdicts on each episode.

Our breakdowns are given life by the community, so make sure to get involved and drop your thoughts and theories on each episode in the comments, we'll be reading them!

Anything from previous seasons of the show that is relevant to the episode is explained, and the ending of Season 2 is also touched upon. However, if you want a reminder of what went down, take a look at our comprehensive Westworld Season 2 ending explainer.