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Westworld Breakdown: Season 3 Episode 8 "Crisis Theory" Explained

As events come to a climax, a new world will be born. Lucy and Tamoor break down the Season 3 finale of Westworld.

It's time for events to come to a climax in Westworld Season 3. The pieces are in place, and now--one way or another--a new world will be born. On one hand, we have Dolores and Caleb, fighting to burn down the old system, free society from the iron grip of Rehoboam, and perhaps create something new for humans and hosts. On the other, there's Serac and Maeve, the former trying to create a perfect world where free will and choice is all but eliminated, with the latter doing his bidding in hopes she'll get what she wants in the end.

This episode is an interesting one as, along with the central conflict, it sets up what's to come in the future. Bernard remains on the outskirts of the fighting, but with every moment becomes increasingly vital to the future of civilization. William has a newfound purpose in life, but it looks to be something far more destructive than ever before. Charlotte--or what remains of her--is now finding her own place within the world, having suffered a devastating loss.

But how does it all shake out and what could it all mean? Well, Lucy and Tamoor are here to break it down, as always. Watch as they pick apart the events of the episode, analyze the significance of it all, and try and craft a future for Westworld. Another season has already been confirmed, so there are some interesting places it could go.