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Not content to have GTA 5 running as beautifully as it is, Joey and Rob decide to dial back the graphics settings as much as possible, and turn Los Santos into a giant puddle of mud.

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So it will basically look like the new PS4 Pro , Xbox One X version ? Kingdom Come Deliverance on console isn't much better than this anyway.

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Can't believe you are having fun doing this stupidity, how impressionable are you?...

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@Dragerdeifrit: Oh look folks.... its the fun police here to tell people how and what they can have fun at. Go dig hole somewhere and crawl into.

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I bet it runs great tho....

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This actually speaks to the devs behind modern PC games.

A lot of modern games are actually designed for low at the start, they are built to make the lowest possible settings as visually impressive as possible. Because then you can always build it up from there to make high and ultra as good as possible.

It wasn't always like this, they need to do a video on Crysis on lowest settings, it's fucking HORRID to look at. It was designed with high and ultra settings in mind so no effort was put into low.

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How was the Frame rate cap? 1800 fps? Might be worth the tradeoff.

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Looks like San Andreas now.

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@jsprunk: Damn what a great game. I would settle for a 4k remaster of that game instead of a new one. The newer ones are boring compared to that. Seeing your character get fat from too much junk food was awesome.

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@jsprunk: lmao that was great.

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Witcher 3 definitely ;)