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We Turn Fortnite's Graphics Into An Absolute Mess | Potato Mode

Joey and Nick drop into Fortnite Battle Royale, and then drop the game's graphic settings as far down as they'll go.

Joey and Nick are boarding the Battle Bus and dropping onto an island of low resolution and jaggy polygons on the latest Potato Mode. The phenomenon Fortnite is the latest to receive the dubious honor, and it’s put through the wringer. The two do their best to show off their handiwork, but it’s not easy staying alive in a Battle Royale when you can barely see what you’re doing.

First, of course, they employ the usual means: going into the Settings menu to turn everything down to its lowest point. That certainly makes the game a lot less pretty, but it’s still relatively recognizable. Other than being unable to discern a sniper from a couple of pixels on the horizon, it’s still perfectly playable.

But if you’ve seen Potato Mode before, you know we aren’t satisfied until a game is hideous. So Joey and Nick head into some under-the-hood settings and make it all even worse, rendering the Battle Bus drop a flashing strobe of square textures, and smoothing the characters to plastic perfection. It’s still Fortnite, kind of, but the visuals make it almost impossible to play. Check out the video above to see the beautiful mess for yourself.

All of this wackiness is coming from our own efforts to make the map as chaotic as possible, but Fortnite doesn’t need much help on that front right now. Season 5 is just around the corner and the map has been undergoing some weird and wild stuff right now all on its own.

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Potato Mode

Potato Mode

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