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We Played Project Resistance, Resident Evil's New Game

Tamoor and Matt talk about their thoughts on Project Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer Resident Evil game that is being developed by Capcom and coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Project Resistance is Capcom's latest attempt to leverage the popularity of its Resident Evil franchise for a multiplayer experience. For the most part, previous attempts have been incredibly niche games or outright failures, but Capcom is on a hot streak right now. With Resident Evil 7 it took the series in a bold new direction and delivered one of the best survival horror experiences of the last few years. It followed that up with Resident Evil 2 Remake, a smart, thoughtfully redesigned version of one of the most beloved games in the franchise and the genre.

That is all to say that, right now, Capcom knows what it's doing with the Resident Evil franchise. Project Resistance is undoubtedly taking the franchise back into dangerous territory, but it's being led by a company that has earned the benefit of the doubt. At least, that's what Tamoor and Matt think, having had hands-on time with the game recently.

Admittedly, they also note that Project Resistance is still very much a work in progress. Tamoor and Matt got to grips with the core of the asymmetrical multiplayer experience, battling through one area as both the survivors trying to escape with their lives and the Mastermind using traps and unleashing the walking dead to prevent the lab rats from escaping.

While the core of the game felt like it had potential, there were some aspects that they were unsure about. Check out the in-depth discussion to hear their overall impressions of Capcom’s new Resident Evil game.