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We Play Real Or Fake Sonic Characters And Levels With James Marsden And Ben Schwartz

We challenged Sonic The Hedgehog stars Ben Schwartz and James Marsden to guess real or fake characters and levels from Sonic history.

Since Sonic The Hedgehog the movie was just released, we wanted to see how much the cast know about the classic Sega games, so we got Ben Schwartz and James Marsden to play Real or Fake: Sonic characters and levels edition.

We made up some pretty absurd names for characters and levels, but it's Sonic so, they blend right in. We'll leave it up to you to decide which names are the weirdest.

Ben and James hold their own pretty well in the game. One of them even talked about the music and graphics in one of the levels, but it's hard to compete against our incredibly well crafted names like the "existential nightmare zone."

If you want to see how the cast did, watch Michael's video above. Also, be sure to check out Ben and James take our Gotta Go Fast Trivia Challenge, and our interview with Jim Carrey where he discusses inventing his own version of Dr. Robotnik.

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