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Watchmen Episode 7 "An Almost Religious Awe" Breakdown

In Watchmen Episode 7 we learned more about Angela Abar's origins, while Agent Laurie Blake chases a lead. Meg and Mike break down the plot points and references from "An Almost Religious Awe".

This week's episode of Watchmen, An Almost Religious Awe, left Mike and Meg with their minds blown. Not only did it provide the most shocking revelation of the series so far--the truth about Doctor Manhattan--but it also started the ominous countdown to the Millenium Clock's activation, even more information about Lady Trieu and her plan to "save humanity" and what, exactly, the 7th Kavalry is planning. They're going to trap Doctor Manhattan, kill him, and then turn Joe Keene into a super being himself. And in Trieu's words, that sort of power in the hands of a white supremacist is unimaginably bad for everyone.

But of course, it wouldn't be Watchmen if those answers didn't come with a steep price. We're more confused than ever about what Trieu is up to, what the Manhattan reveal actually means for Angela and her family, and what's going to happen to Laurie Blake after she found herself in a compromising position with the 7th Kavalry. There's also the matter of Trieu's father, who she says will be there at the Millenium Clock's activation, and the fate of Looking Glass, who apparently escaped the 7th K kill squad sent to murder him back in Episode 5.

Oh, and then there's the matter of Veidt and his year-long trial back on Europa, Will's involvement with Trieu's scheme, and the fact that no one--not even Trieu herself--seems to know exactly how all of this is going to fit together. So naturally, we've got no shortage of stuff to talk--and speculate wildly--about this week.

Watchmen airs on HBO Sundays at 9PM.