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Watchmen Episode 6 "This Extraordinary Being" Breakdown

HBO's Watchmen Episode 6 changes the origin of Hooded Justice, charter member of The Minutemen. Meg and Mike break down the plot and references in "This Extraordinary Being".

HBO's Watchmen returned this week with Episode 6, This Extraordinary Being, which miraculously confirmed one of Mike and Meg's longest running theories about the show: Will Reeves, Angela's mysterious grandfather, was in fact, Hooded Justice. But of course, in typical Watchmen fashion, there was far more to the story than just a simple vigilante unmasking. After overdosing on a lethal dose of Will's Nostalgia pills, Angela was forced to live out his memories in real time, and in doing so picked up the thread of a major conspiracy that may still be active in the present day.

They're called Cyclops and though they may have been derailed back in the 1940s thanks to Will's extreme measures, that doesn't mean they're gone for good. An offshoot or counterpart to the KKK, Cyclops planning on inciting violence in the Black community using mesmerism technology and now, their modern spiritual successors, The 7th Kavalry, are potentially picking up the pieces and creating a new plan. Thankfully, Angela doesn't need to explain this to anyone--she spoke the entire time she was in her Nostalgia-based coma and Laurie Blake was there to record her every word.

And as if things weren't already complicated enough, the mystery of Lady Trieu and her Millenium Clock is still very much in play. If anything, the answers this episode provided only made Trieu's scheme more confusing. But for a show like Watchmen, that's par for the course.

Watchmen airs on HBO on Sundays at 9PM.