Watch Stadia Stream Games On Multiple Devices - Google GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

Google demonstrated how its new streaming service Stadia can be used to play games across multiple devices, switching seamlessly between them.

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Once there was a book "First rule of magic" i loved it. My memmory is a bit foggy, but i remember one thing. Human is not so intelligent it Will belive in everything as long as it hopes for or afraids of something. I hope what they show is True but i live in Poland so im afraid we will be out of reach for this service like it is with Sony streaming service.

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@andrzejak87: Yeah man i feel your pain, Poland have one of the best internet infrastructure yet it was missed from countrys Stadia will be avaible at launch.

I live in small town with 25k ppls in Poland and got fiber optic 650 Mb/s, relly dont uderstand why we are not included?????

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@profil84: No PS now, no stadia, we are f.. ed my Brother :D, probably becouse most of servers are in Spain, so too far from us.