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Watch Rainbow Six Siege's New Operators On Hereford Base

Siege's latest DLC, Operation Grim Sky, has been revealed, and we had the chance to try out Clash and Maverick on the redesigned Hereford Base.

During the Rainbow Six Major in Paris this weekend, Ubisoft revealed the next season of content for the military hero shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. In the video above, you can watch us try it out.

Among a variety of quality-of-life changes, Operation Grim Sky also reworks Hereford Base, a classic Siege map; it's the first in a planned line of map remakes for the multiplayer shooter. As always, Grim Sky also includes new operators. In the video, you can see both Maverick and Clash.

Maverick is an attack operator who uses a blowtorch to silently open holes in surfaces, including reinforced walls and metal barriers. He comes equipped with two assault rifles, both of which you can see in action in our gameplay.

Clash, on the other hand, is the first defensive operator with a shield. Her CCE (close-combat electro) shield can slow down attackers, as well as deal small amounts of damage overtime. She also comes equipped with a two-round burst submachine gun.

Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for the next season of content, but we'll let you know when it does. For impression on the new operators, as well as any other news coming out of Grim Sky, stay tuned to GameSpot throughout the coming weeks.