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I'm loving all the improvements they've made but no matter how good it looks, there's no way I'm getting it on day one. It's Ubisoft we're talking about. The king of shipping broken, visually downgraded games. I'll wait until all the dust has settled

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--thios has sorta become the standard for most games these days
--not the worst thing in the world
--having developers capable of constantly making a game better and better
--even years after it's release

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--the co-op part is cool
--the game also looks more in depth than the first 1
--it also looks kinda goofy too though(nice backpack dork!)
--i guess we'll see

--i was planning on mafia 3 being my car crime game this fall
--i just dont have time for both
--plus when you play two games of the same genre
--it can really make both of them a lil more boring

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@TheZeroPercent: "i guess we'll see"? See what? You KNOW Ubishit does this lying shit all the time and you KNOW the end product will be nothing like what you see now. So what exactly do you expect to see??

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--car crime sandbox is my favorite genre
--and i love co-op
--also I LOVE SF
--what else can I say?
--except that i did enjoy watchdogs1
--all around a solid game(not exactly gta5 ha~just a solid car crime sandbox entry~of course that was during it's time~not sure how well it has held up)