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Danny O'Dwyer grabs his trusty mop and bucket to clean up after some horrific disasters in Viscera Cleanup Detail. Can you stomach it?

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Our department uses a company called "Crime Scene Cleaners" in San Jose. The bodypart and viscera clean up gets handeled by the coroner...everything else..."Crime Scene Cleaners". Crime Scene Cleaners then bills whoever owns the property where the cleanup occurred.

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Just so anyone is wondering whether someone in their right mind would think about playing this game in multiplayer, here is an example.

With two persons, the players become inane a lot quicker. :P
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This is so boring...!!! Who pays money for this??? I wouldn't download it for free... What this guys had in their minds?

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Thinking that this game is something different from the norm, that's what on their minds.

Also, I would like to see what you think is exciting, PowerDingALing.

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lets face it its tedious but also hilarious to see the fail people go through, just like dannys pain when he made more of a mess.

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I've never heard of this but I really like the concept of giving us extended looks at gameplay.

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I played the one they released around last christmas where you're cleaning up after Santa massacred everything.

Funny idea for a game- I like what these guys are doing.

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so it´s a cleaning game?

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that game looks really weird

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I could not stomach it, I only lasted one minute. I swear that never happens.

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@jasminedesirees nice pic ;)

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The only thing that could make this game dumber is if you were a goat trying to clean up all this mess.

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Aaaaaand this is a game....why??

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Put the used buckets in the bucket thing

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lol this looks like a great game to have on a lower end system to just kill some time when you're waiting for something else... don't think it's for me though!

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Is this game actually fun to play?

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This looks incredibly tedious, just like real cleaning! I don't think I would want to play this myself, but it's quite fun to watch someone else play it.

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Can get tedious.

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would have been nice if the guy actually had a clue how to play...

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It's a fantastic game.

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Is anyone else here just to see how this concept could possibly work for a game?

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@zerohournow I'm here for the cookies and juice.