Video Game History Month: Will Wright

We pay tribute to one of the most influential game developers of our time, Will Wright.

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sou novata '-' fodheo

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This was posted over a year ago. Why is it back on the main page. Gamespot has a real problem with new content sometimes.

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Don't forget my latest flop, simsandwich! It's failure drove me mad. MAD!!! That's why I live here now. - Will Wright, the simpsons game for DS

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The Sims series is unique in that it's the only series where I know both hardcore gamers and high school girls play it.

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First few stages looks fun but after that...lame

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Will Wright is definitley the greatest game designer of all time.Shame he didnt work on the sims 3

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Will Wright is definitely one of the most influential people in the expansion of what a game can be.

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Will wright's games are awsome

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I think this guy forgot to mention the fact he may easily have ruined of the best careers in gaming by leaving one of the most successful companies to found his own.

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This man can be summed up in one word: LEGEND!

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I liked Maxis making this game!

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To bad Will Wright left maxis:(

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This is kind of funny I am in Game History class for a BA in Game Design and this video of my idol came in handy for my homework! :D Perfect timing boys and gals :)

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Will Wright - pioneer in the field of god games. If only another company had bought Maxis instead of EA....

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Spore is an enjoyable game, though soon you can get bored of it, it's true charm is when you create your species and play through the beginning stages, I still need to get The Sims 3 though...

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Will FTW

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i love you will, thank you for all of the games youve made.. now im going back to play some spore and then some sims 3 once again

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Spore was the biggest disappointment of the 2000s. SimCity 4 and Sims 2 rock though.

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I would have to agree. Blowing people into bits gets a little old after a while.

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the father of sim games. probably the best game designer ever.

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Video was well done, and his games are amazing. I've yet to play Spore, but am constantly inside Sims 3.. Ambitions looks hawt.

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to bad he left ea and now is in an entertainment think tank.if he hadnt left maxis im sure spore would be pumping out expansion packs and making as much money as the sims

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Will Wright is a genius, but I would not say that his talent is unmatched by none; Sid Meier is one of his peers who is just as awesome. He's just not as huge a money-maker as Mr. Wright though. EA would be very, very wise to keep Wright happy. (And appears to be doing so, so far.) But darn, Brian Ekberg being the most veteran dude at SimCity in GameSpot? That was completely unexpected, at least for me!

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@uaeboy99 Show some respect, you inappropriate child.

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@thestateger Darkspore? Does it have anything to do with spore? XD

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Will Wright doesn't just think outside the box, he reinvents the box....The man is a genius and visionary of gaming.....

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still looking forward to "Darkspore" (2011)... -Will Wright is awesome!

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SimCity 4, despite the easy CTD's, this was my favorite in the series, because eventually we were allowed additional networks with new highways and rail options like High Speed Rail, and Tram in Avenue networks, not to mention double left turn lanes at avenue intersections with working signals after the intersection. SimCity Societies only had single left turn lanes on their 4 lane roads with only one straight lane next to it and you could no longer build diagonal roads by default. And the SC after was on the Wii, but allowed freeform roads no grid constraint. I wish the next SimCity the do road building and in game texture editing like CityScape and even have turning arrows on the signals work.

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Sim City is one of my favorite games ever on SNES. Redefining what games can be. Kudos! And he now owns the most milked series ever, also admirable (of sorts..)

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yuck yuck old man i think sims 3 i want sims 3 ok

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Will Wright made the sims games so fun.all the sims games has been really good! sim city 4 was too