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Beautiful memories when i remeber the first time that my dad bought me the mattel aquarius computer in the 80" , i was 6 or 7 years old and with the computer came 3 cartridges , one of theme was tron deadly discs ...it was amazing at that time

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end of line

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I remember seeing the Tron trailer in the theater in front of one of the Apple Dumplin Gang movies my grandmother took me to see. WoW! I was hooked. Later she took me to see TRON when it came out and my parents bought me an original VHS version of the movie when it came out too. I have been and forever shall be a TRON fan. TRON Legacy was great for me. Unfortunately, nonfollowers are just not getting it. My 7 and 8 year old kids were stunned as well and wanted to come home and see the original.

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@N3xus9 This was about the original Tron movie and games. Tron 2.0 came out over 20 years after the movie.

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Tron luck great i have to see the original movie. 1º I see Tron was in Kingdom Hearts II.

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because of the cool graphics now days, we are spoilt and don't use our imagination like they used to when the graphics were crap. kinda sad actually.

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Ah, memories. Remember the 80s (and to some extent the 90s) when Hollywood still produced fresh original films, rather than just churning out remakes, endless sequels and god-awful game-to-movie adaptations? Those were the days...

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wow I am flabbergasted ... an article on Tron and the Tron video games with absolutely no mention of the Tron 2.0 PC game which was and still is an incredibly good game. GG Gamepsot

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tor thorsen!!

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The movie was really good and the game too DO NOT SCREW IT UP!

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Tron Deadly Disc for the intellivision was so freakin cool. I was so sucked into a game one time that I wet myself rather than quit to pee. LOL

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discs of tron was one of my faves growing up. i also loved playing the light cycles and entering the cone.