Video Game History Month: Tomb Raider

We celebrate Video Game History Month by taking a look at one of the most iconic women in video games: the beautiful, intelligent, and athletic archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series.

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First game I really felt part of that world. Figuring the puzzles took hours sometimes. So refreshing, what a great series. TR1 and TR2 2 of the best games ever made.

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the music near the end is a mix from starscape.

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whats with the she he!? I get same sex relationships but that shit is fucked up

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this was a good history,,but short ;>p

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Tomb Raider 3 Best Game << LINK REMOVED >>

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Aah...history lessons never sounded interesting before...:D

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Our most beloved star... Lara. Still loved her.

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she had such an ugly face back then.

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@Legendgg I confess to an ignorance of the law surrounding this but given that your image is of Lara Croft who is a character that you do not own the copyright to, wouldn't that mean that your picture also falls under public domain?

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After watching this video I realized I've played them all! I started with the first one on PC, then the ones on PS1, PS2 and now on the XBOX 360. Let's hope the next one takes the series to another level.

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that was the most realistic games from the beginning to here i have never seen a game more better than tomb raider

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@hyksiu Bad boy lOl

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Am I the only one who noticed the 511 stars on Super Mario 64's footage at 2:23? And how many lives is that supposed to mean...? For such a great game, you could AT LEAST have used some legit footage.

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That PC isn't a PC - it's an Amiga.

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The new destiny of Lara Croft is now in the hands of Square-Enix.

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ATTENTION: In this film, without my permission, have used my two paintings. 1) << LINK REMOVED >> 2)<< LINK REMOVED >> I would like to know why this happened? Please indicate the source or the removal of my work from this movie.

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one of the best series

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...and I have to agree with Carolyn about the Opera House in TRII- most unrealistic Opera House architecture ever. :p

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Wow, I can remember when this first came out- serious blast from the past.

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@carolynmichelle The oddest thing about that watermelon joke is that it could mean either of two things: Lara's assets are such that she looks like she has watermelons stuffed down her top, or she's trying to 'compensate' by doing exactly so because her assets aren't enough. I suppose Steve Smith had not given more thought to that hyperbole. :P But really, her in-game model in The Last Revelation only appears to have bigger assets because it is a lot more updated compared to the earlier ones.

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@Gelugon_baat Not anymore; I was referring specifically to the earlier games in the series, up through perhaps The Last Revelation. Here's a quote I like from [url=<< LINK REMOVED >>]GameSpot's review[/url] of the PC version of that game: "It's also worth noting that all of those halfhearted attempts to rationalize the alluring Lara as a positive model of feminine power and mastery are getting harder to accept as her chest takes on the dimensions of the Astrodome. Poor Lara now looks like she's shoplifting watermelons in Cairo."

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I like looking at her ass!

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At 10:00, Carolyn said that her bosom is getting bigger with each subsequent game; I don't think so. It would seem so only because each subsequent game had the graphics updated and the in-game model of Lara changed, as Chris has cheekily suggested at 10:20. If one would look at the promotional art that the various game-makers of Tomb Raider made for her games, the later versions of Lara doesn't have assets that stand out as much as those of her versions in the first couple ones.