Video Game History Month: Shinji Mikami

Shinji Mikami is a 25-year veteran of the video game industry. We reflect on his long and varied career in this feature.

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Bring back the old camera and controls !

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The creator of my favourite game series of all time. And also the man behind other excelent games... This man is a genius. I just wish he would get back on RE games, we're losing what made the series great. I'm also anxious to see how Zwei is like...

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best game designer ever

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i want a horror game made by SHINJI MIKAMI!!!!CMON SURVIVOR HORROR!!!!!!!!PLEASE COME BACK....!!!!!!!!!!

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SNES's Aladdin is a wonderful game and still one of my favorites to this day I never got into any resident evil games, but I might just buy vanquish now, a true craftsmen

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Video's too short. I wish GameSpot talked more about the Disney games and other Resident Evil games and not just RE4. I was also hoping they could piece together some interviews with Shinji Mikami himself in this video. Good video but not good enough.

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Great video guys, my only objection Kevin is that Resident Evil 2 was his best game. RE4 was more influential, I agree with that.

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i love the old controls and cameras of resident evil

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i want Shinji Mikami to make resident evil 6 i love his games

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Long life for him

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I appreciate his work and contributions. I thought Resident Evil was the first game I had ever played of his but turns out it was that Aladdin one for Sega. Keep rockin Shinji-san!

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I love his games. The dude is genius!

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wow blackscreen that was an awesome game

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He is a living [GOD]

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completely blank image for 20 seconds??

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the man with the god out gatsu

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Shinji Mikami is probably my favorite game designer followed very closely by Hideo Kojima. I mean, Mikami was the driving force behind the Resident Evil series including RE4 which completely revolutionized third person shooters and then he went on to make Vanquish which one of the best games this gen and now he's making Shadows of the Damned with Suda51. The man has an impressive track record for fantastic games.

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Oh yeah, some of you looking may also want to look at the site for Shinji Mikami's (Bethesda-owned) Tango Gameworks - specifically how a colleague, Namakura Ikumi, perceives him to be like in << LINK REMOVED >>. (CAUTION: While these are not exactly unfriendly to kids, they are still a bit... disturbing.)

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Shinji is the man