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peoplle were killing to get a ps2

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I remember playing kessen, basketball, medal of honor frontlline, final fantasy X good times

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It's funny to me when they talk about people having trouble getting a PS2 when they first came out if the store that you go to doesn't have it just go to the next and the next and you'll find it. It blows my mind what people will buy into

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The Third Place sure is creeepy

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The ps2 was and still is one of the best console system created to date. I remember playing my ps2 for hours at a time without worrying about it overheating!

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i KNOW that the PS2 is a big thing, and it sold a lot but it wasn't really INOVATIVE was it? sure it had an analog stick, but so did the ps1 and other games... Sure sony has good graphics.. but it didn't really DO anything different.

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i still use ma ps2, sort of like a memento, never forget the good old times

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Interesting this was posted 5 months before the 10th anniversary of the US launch. Either way PS2 was (and still is) a great system with a very nice amount/variety/overall fun games - backward compatibility really didn't matter that much.

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ps2 is the best of all the console its the lord of the games

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ps2 is the KING. Best selling console ever. Wii will never catch it.

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Seeing a friend play FFX blew me away even though I thought I didn't have much interest in it. PS2 I got back then (almost 10 years ago) still works great and still is used to this day, still has so many great games released on it that it's almost impos to say you played them all. It really did beat down everything that competed with it also. Xbox/Gamecube can only be compared in a joke or pointing out how badly they where beat.

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PS2 will never die yeaaaah:P

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"A killer box" :)

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i think the ps3 is making its way to the long lifespam of the ps2 and getting better games by the time

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PS2 is still popular and now you find very cheap games new or used. A while ago i bought 4 games for 5$ Some of the biggest games started on PS2 like COD and guitar hero.

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The variety of games for the ps2 is unbelievable! There's something for everyone.

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PS2 ForEveR!!

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Hopefully PS3 will also overcome its rough start and get some better games. I think there is some sense that this is starting to happen but I am not sure it will.

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I like how Ryan Mac Donald talks about the PS2.

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The Xbox was my favourite console from this gen. It was more powerful than the PS2 and it showed in everything from the exclusives to the multi-plats. Online gaming was also much better on the Xbox. Plus some games on Xbox allowed you to listen to music you'd ripped onto the hard drive, while you're playing your game. I really liked the PS2. The God of War games, Shadow of the Colossus and Okami are some of my all time favourites - overall I just thought the Xbox was the better console. The four PS2 games I mentioned would've been even better if they were on Xbox, given the Xbox's extra power.

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Ya, PS2 launch was kinda lame. A bit ironic considering, as the guy said, after 2004, some of the PS2 games started to look so good, it was like having a brand new console all over again. That was when the REAL PS2 heyday started to kick in.

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king_pickman i am to!

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I didn't get into the hype when the ps2 came out. I remember sitting in class one morning and listening to this kid talk about his ps2 he purchased the day before. He was so fascinated by the minor details of the console, such as the lights and stuff lol. I guess there wasn't much about the console that intrigued me. I was definitely more interested in the xbox and dreamcast. PGR on the xbox and Soul Calibur were so fun. I bought a ps3 a month ago with the GoW collection and it's very good.

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I remember camping outside of my local Walmart. I was number 13 in line, and that was the exact number of PS2s that they had. That PS2 lasted me a long time.

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I've still got my PS2 and I give it a spin from time-to-time and now you can find some plenty of cheap games on it too new or used.

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Haven't bought mine at launch either as the lineup was hohum indeed and it was too pricey for me at that time (PS3 was the same again :p ) but I, too, still play on it and bought about 5 games for it in 2009, some were 2009 releases. Here's to a sturdy mulitmedia box that lasts a lifetime and is a great late bloomer.

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I didn't mine until I think April 2002. It was the April after FFX came out. I didn't have a problem with a dearth of decent games at that point, nor obviously did I have a problem with a shortage of PS2s. What I did have a problem with was a major shortage of memory cards. I managed to find one and begged my mom to buy it for me. Then a week after I got the system, not could you find them everywhere, but they dropped the price.

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Hey, Andrew Park!!!! Dude looks so awesome now! :D

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Yeah have of my life was with my ps2

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I didn't buy my PS2 at launch. Nevertheless, it's still possibly my favourite console I have ever owned. Such a stellar lineup of titles, most of which I own and still play today.

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The only reason I have a PS2 is because I won it from Toonami. I cannot imagine what my life would've been like had I not owned this system at that time. I play it even today (it still works!). It is the closest video game console to me emotionally.

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The PS2 was one amazing console.....had some great memories with it.

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i remember going to walmart at ps2s launch. they gave each person a raffle ticket and if your number was drawn you got to buy a ps2. they only had 20 to win and i was one of them :)

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Wish they talked a bit more about some of the best games on it... most of what they were talking about was it's poor launch and the Dreamcast. There was a quick reference to God of War 2 but other than that none of then other legendary titles from the PS2.

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the best games i ever played was on ps2 specially the RPGs. i wish i can play again but its broken and i have xbox 360 which taking my playing time

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one of the best memory with this console a lot of god time

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PS2 had alot of memorable games

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Indeed. there was a LOT of power people were able to harness out of the PS2. Making it one of the best consoles ever.

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yes ps2 is a pretty cool console

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THE Best Console to date

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Possibly the best console that man will ever know.

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my fav console

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My very second game console. I have no regrets purchasing this game. :)

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PS2 my favorite console, no doubt!!!