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@rossguyy94 I could not agree with you more.

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Fable? Whats that? I'm still playing populous and dungeon keeper.

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Umm, since when was Fable for the Xbox 360?

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Fable was okay but over-hyped and too Disney.

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@Raginmar yup, little mistake there, fable was an xbox game not xbox 360.

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a true legend :)

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I played Themepark Rollercoaster on the PS2. That game kicked ass. I want to get the PS1 version on PSN. I hope it's mostly the same XD.

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Last I heard, BC had not been put on ice but really scapped. Too bad though. It looked awesome.

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Cool. I played Populous and Powermonger a lot. I like Syndicate too. After that I didn't care much for Bullfrog or Peter's games until I bought Fable(lionhead) for the Xbox. I played Hi-octane for the Playstation. Horrible. Nice feature though! Thanx!

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I am in love with Fable one, it was just amazing and definetly set the bar for action rpg's everywhere with the feature of choice making effecting everything, fable 2 was terrible, however. If I didn't play fable, fable 2 would have been great!! But I did play fable 1 and unfortunetly it is better then fable 2 either then graphics. I mean honestly, taking out armour was the dumbest thing ever! They took out everything that made the first game so great. I sure hope Fable 3 gives my respect back to lionhead. So far what I see is Fable 3 looks great! But, it is focusing on changing the wrong problems. I mean sure the GUI (Graphical User Interface- Inventory, Stats, ect.) was looked down on because when you aquired tons of items it was a pain to sroll through so they take out the inventory and make the sanctuary, at first I thought it was dumb but honestly its kind of cool. Anyways I'm just a crazy Fable Fan Boy :P What do I know? Long Story Short, Peter makes great games and I will be ashamed if Fable 3 is not succesfull, Thumbs Up this comment if you think Fable was better then Fable 2

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Peter Molyneux is pretty great, but sometimes he can overstate his products.

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Fable 1 was not made for xbox 360...I know more then gamespot shame of you...If was made for xbox...

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@Raginmar, i thought so too!!!

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I hope they release Fable III for PC :)

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peter molyneux has amazing concepts and ideas, i loved fable 1, one of the top games of all time, fable 2 on the other hand ended up as a huge let down for me but i still have a high respect for peter and his achievements in the gaming industry for such a long time

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i have a deep respect for Peter Molyneux

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Peter is awesome, but Fable 2 was sh*t!

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it mite,batit said on the left also on ps.bat it mite not.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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the first Fable is on the Mac now even so maybe F III will be on PC

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Ya, I too would love to hear something about BC. It must have been really going a wrong direction for it to be put away. I don't think Lionhead is all that big of a studio so they can only work on so much at once. It sounded really ambitious though, no surprise there.

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No menton of BC? I'm still waiting for it's release!

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"...Called 'Fable' for the Xbox 360..." What? The original Fable was for Xbox,not Xbox 360.

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I want Fable II PC version ... waiting

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i know its beating a dead horse, but i am still pissed about the myriad of promises molyneaux made about fable 1 that never saw the light of day... and then the whole multiplayer fiasco for fable 2 pissed me off all over again. when I watched this and heard how he douched commodore out of free computers it only reinforced my impression that molyneaux, while an innovator, is a douche.

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God I hate this narrator. Is it Tom McShea narrating? It sounds just like him. I always hate his video reviews. His voice is obnoxious at best. Get this guy off of video features.

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There've been some news running around that Fable III may be on the PC as well... Dunno if it's true, but I sure hope so!

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i remember and own most of these games (except Magic Carpet and hi-Octane, which were horrible. So much fun with these titles. I even think Bullfrog is my mother's favorite developer. I'm amazed so little attention was given to Black & White. It's the game that opened the door to the Lionhead studios people know today. Because, let's face it, I don't think teens will remember Bullfrog. I especially enjoyed having a 1994 gameshow clip in this video. That's hilarious to look back on.

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there should be ed boon from MK series on here. TOASTY!

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this narrators voice is so lazy lol. the only games i place of his is the fable series and 1 and 2 are really good

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9:30 minutes?! This is too short. The history of one of the most influential and innovative game designers deserves at least 30 minutes. And, yeah - I'm not just a fan - I've played his games a lot and I've had a hundreds if not thousands of very immersing and fun gameplay. 1.Dungeon Keeper 2.Fable (Not played F2 'cause its was not released on PC... Oh Peter! Come on! Give us PC beggars your Fable 2! Pleeease!!!) 3.Magic Carpet (I'd prefer MC2 though.) All this is just My Humble Opinion. I don't want to start any holywars. PS. Did I said this? "Peter PLEASE give us Fable 2 (PC)!!!"

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This guy may exaggerate things before release, but his games and his choices are truly something special. Can't wait to see fable 3 and his next steps, as I always look at every detail of his games, especially as I love fable 2 mainly because there is so much more in the games that others don't see, so he definitely deserves his place in the video game history.

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The Fable games are only overrated by excited critics that didn't play the games enough. Most gamers realise how inherently flawed they are, even if they ignore Molyneux's maddening love of hype.

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Too bad he isn't designing Black & White 3. Now THAT would be an awesome game.

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nice one!

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Violet Berlin and Andy Peters! Where did Gamespot dig up that footage? (American readers, dont ask)

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to be continued :x. it only got interesting :(

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@Hey_Jay Yeh I know right? its really late here and I got a get up at like 6... damn I hate school mornings...

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"To Be Continued......" Oooooh *Sigh* I need sleep... I gotta learn to watch this stuff in the daytime.

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trying and failing. the fable games are certainly fun, but hugely overrated. any game where people's opinion of you is based solely on whether you dance or fart is just inherently retarded. the entire morality system in fable is silly, obvious, and boring.

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Great Games, Always Trying To Innovate...