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Gameboy FTW!

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allways loved my gameboy ^^ i still have mine with bomberman pokemon and mario2 golden coins that i finished a couple hundre times....

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Good ol old school gameing from the past.

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I remember people in the schoolyard flocking to the fortunate few who could afford a gameboy back then. and then everyone would beg for a turn on it. One of my friends was a bit spoiled and jaded about his gameboy, so I got to play it a lot while he went to do something else. Good times.

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hey gamespot peoples, good to see much gb love here, but 2 things. 1. no nods to the gb pocket and colour? 2. Something about this video makes me think maybe there was supposed to be videos behind the guys waxing about the gb and thier experiances with it. could be just me though.

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I remember my first encounter with the original game boy. I was at my cousin's and i swear every time i got my hands on it when it's battery wasn't completely dead, it felt like i was holding gold or some great treasure lol. It was just pure fun and i could totally sit down and play mario even today at 25 y/o. Memories.

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Game Boy Pocket, woo.

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Yeah, I loved it too! It was definitely more versatile and impressive than those silly one-game-only rip-offs. The first GameBoy was a bit too heavy for my infantile hands though; I got my first case of Carpal Tunnel and sprained wrists / hands / fingers and the like - which is why I am thankful that Nintendo was smart enough to take advantage of advances in miniaturization technology to make the later versions smaller.

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Wow. I love the GB!