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Kings Quest FTW! Sorry FF fans! It started the romance in video games. But Fear Effect 2 needed more than 3 seconds here, because lesbian love in games needs more recognition!

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lmao I love how that guy offs the chick in the Yellow dress @2:57, they sit there for a sec then just walk off

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@Vidoegameatic: The game at 1:06 is actually Fear Effect 2.

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Grim Fandango! One of the best adventures ever made.

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Final Fantasy are the ones that look good

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The one at 106 was tomb raider the last revelation.... lol....

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You can always tell which games are final fantasy :D Anyone can.

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I know the final fantasys but that's it.

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Now, I recognized all of these, except for the one from 1:06 to 1:11... I've never seen that before... Where is that from? The art style looks a little disney, almost...

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This is so kyoot. FFX is my favorite video game and I recently bought FFVIII. I'm not going to play it YET, but I know I will be crazy about it.

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Great vid, Square Enix should put remakes, or at least downloads of past ff titles on the PS3, ESPECIALLY FFVII, FFVIII, AND FFIX. Come on Square Enix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No words to say... Awesome Love story. also was funny little bit.

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I'm so glad they put Grim Fandango in here, is one of the best games I've ever payed and almost no one knows about it. Also I think they've missed the most romatic part of FFX, that's when Tidus finds out what is going to happen and joins Yuna in the lagoon. FF rules!

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MONKEY ISLAND funnyest cupple ever

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yea... Final Fantasy VIII was the best to me.

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There should be a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VIII so people can see how amazing the characters, story, design, and game is. Too bad Square isn't going to though.

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nge... know nothing about this video.... LOL

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3 years since this feature...?! Really?

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Eyes on me is the song. It's from final fantasy 8. ^^

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What song is this? Someone pleaseee find out!

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AWW:) GO FF!!!

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only the final fantasy were romantic and the clips it showed were awesome

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What an amzing clip! I think I know about six of those games, best being FFX hands down.

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i own FF10, have played FF8 and Monkey Island (neither of the 2 that much, and i also played Mario.....alot of them, and i have heard of Grim Fandango.....the rest i have never seen or heard of......and i think Mario rescues Peach for the sake of the kingdom, not cause he likes her. (i sure as hell wouldn't! >:)) also......why the hell do the toads never fight back?

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I laughted when I saw supermario getting the "Sorry, the princess is in another castle", classic.