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The zombie crap was played out over 30 years ago!

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All responsible parents know that GTA is a game for the entire family, she is clearly thinking of a different game

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I REALLY like Mary's voice...Its very pleasant and has some personality- without sounding forced. Great job!

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Saints row .. the first game had something gritty an awesome about it.. they lost it a bit with the second one, but what I loved about that game is long gone now! wish they would go back an make it little more serious an gritty like the first saints row!!

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@Nitroc Saints Row 2 is considered the best of the series by most Saints Row fans....myself included!

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To be fair, SLEEPING DOG is a decent game, at least I did finished it but make sure u do it before touching any R* sandbox games cuz u will NEVER wanna go back.

As for the others, I wouldn't bother to waste my time with them, never like that stupid GTA disgraceful clone Saint Row. As for LEGO, I'd rather play the bricks than the game.

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@Lynghiepminh well, i actually enjoyed sleeping dogs more than GTA 5, because of the setting, gameplay and main character, all of this was a lot different (better in imo) than GTA 5.

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I haven't played Sleeping Dogs yet but are the graphics really like what I saw in this video?? It does not look that great.

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@Amhp It doesn't look like anything special, but trust me, it's worth it. It's a surprisingly great game.

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@Amhp It looks about average on consoles, but the PC version is very pretty, especially with the high res textures. If you have the computer for it, I'd recommend it - it's regularly marked down on Steam.

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@Amhp I don't know what version that was, but there's a demo for PC, 360, and PS3. Download to see for yourself, if you want. Have fun.

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For me the greates Open-World-Game is Deadly Premonition. It´s just epic!

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5 Gta clones we feel sorry for..

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@Exit_Limbo said no one ever

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@Exit_Limbo Except for that lego game, i'd rather to play any one from that list rather than GTA itself. Don't take me wrong, not saying the game is crap, but GTA is a sandbox and nothing more, they can improve it's looks (actually, some of the details i've seen impressed me), but i find it hard to have any fun with GTA except the very open-world scenario.

Besides, Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause as an GTA clone? You haven't really played them, do you?

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@Raxyman You have no idea what you are speaking of do you? I can see that you are here to make retarded comments based on having no idea about the topic at hand so good job at succeeding dumb ass

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@Raxyman @uprentiss so infants swear? I know very smart people who swear regularly, does that make them dumb? also you are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about so you should not speak on subjects yuo think you know unless you have facts which yuo do not because sleeping dogs is a clone of gta since its first parts "true crime" was derived from gta. see with the right education you to can be smarter then a fifth grader

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@uprentiss When you learn to speak how a common human instead of a retarded infant who just learned how to swear, come back and we'll talk, until there play your GTA all you want.

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where is the best open world of decade... i mean it was on this site that the voting was made. SKYRIM!! SKYRIM!! SKYRIM!!!

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6- Microtransactions. Sorry rockstar, but EA is the king of microtransactions. GTA can rest in second place AGAIN, like the second greatest game serie of the decade.

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It's no wonder why Rockstar didnt give Gamespot the opportunity to play GTA 5 before it's release like IGN.... Gamespot has now lost that #1 site in my books, it's a shame been coming here since I was 12 (now 26). GL Gamespot but you've gone downhill big time. #IGN

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@123crip123 "GS told true things about GTA, omg this site is shit, this planet is shit." Are you sure you are 26?

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@ZackRoyer Biological age =/= Brain Age

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I honestly think that Sleeping Dogs had better gameplay, mechanics and narrative than GTA although it lacked the replay value which is a shame.

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OWG? Really? Did you even realise that the abbreviation is actually longer to pronounce than the phrase it stands for? 'oh double-u gee' has TWO MORE syllables than 'open world game', for God's sake.

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@Undo_17 As "Double-u Double-u Double-u"(WWW) is longer than World Wide Web.

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GTA V is so misogynistic, every single one of these games is so much better and prestigious than that evil game.....

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@LADIES_MAN_2013 LOL another Carolyn Petit ":fan"

Gamers petition for sacking of GameSpot writer who criticised GTAV for misogyny...

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@Simplythebest12 Some people need to learn about Sarcasm...

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@Simplythebest12 Seriously? Im surprised GS allows it to go to print, shes entitled to her POV. But its like Dame Edna said "Im fine with homosexuality, as long as they arn't ramming it down your throat"

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@LADIES_MAN_2013 I lol'd.

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@nookito @LADIES_MAN_2013 so you talk about misogyny but your name is ladies man haha

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Sleeping dogs was also highly enjoyable. Im loving GTAV despite not beng able to notice anything in it except how much it degrades women. Have I mentioned how much GTA V degrades women? Just trying to fit in......

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Are you serious?

A game that shows men off to be violent, cheating assholes is degrading to women.... even though it has powerful women making powerful derisions, like Michaels wife leaving him or that PA woman.... there are no "normal" decent nice guys in the whole game, and there never has been. Ever heard that before now though? No.... ask youself why and get over yourself at the same time.

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@blakeney @GetafixOz I think you may have missed something. I think it was a joke.

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@RS13 @blakeney @GetafixOz *woosh* that was the noise of it flying over her head

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I'm a hipster. I do not like GTA V like most people.

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Wow Gamespot REALLY does not like GTA5 after the shit storm their biased review of it created. In a perky cheery voice "Look at all these games that are as good or better than GTA" Its just a bit sad that rather than admit you guys screwed up by making a moral judgment (that the game is sexist) on a god damn GTA game affect your rating of the game.

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@Loqtus Seriously. She praised GTA right and left. She called it the "King" of open world games. What else do you want?

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@RS13 @Loqtus I want the reviewer to not let a moral judgment affect the score of a game. I do not care about the score she gave as long as her reasons for it are sound. But all of her negative points are complete bullshit and shows that she doesn't even understand the product she reviewing! The GTA world has always been a critique on American society.

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@Loqtus @RS13 I'm talking about the person who made this video. She's not the person who reviewed the game. She didn't make any moral statements about GTA 5 (well she said you shouldn't play it with your kids, but . . . duh). And Gamespot's not doubling down on hating GTA 5 by posting this video. Indeed, she's clear that she likes the game. A lot. What more do you want from her?

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Yet the likes of BF4 and COD will get reviews with no moral high ground about war and blood shed...

I don't like agenda's in the guise of media REGARDLESS of what the agenda is.

If they were most honest about their intentions I could take it better.

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Sleeping Dogs is a hell of a game. Highly underrated if you ask me. Also, so far, I still think RDR > GTAV.

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Gamespot. I don't know if LIVE FYRE commenting has this feature, but it would be nice to be able to see who responds to your comments and what they said like in disqus so I don't have to hang around the commenting section watching

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@johnnybowman Seriously? Lyvefire keeps spamming the hell outta my inbox from every like and reply...

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@johnnybowman true story, disqus is the most useful and user friendly blog comment hosting service.