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Crap, another origin.

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"get more from your games" - Yes, by not relying on spooky unreliable 3rd party spyware .. eh, software.

Just buy indie titles instead which are DRM free and can be played offline and whose developers might even actually act on customer feedback too.

Abandon EA, UbiSoft and Activision with their crazy ideas - for the better gaming experience, whenever and wherever you want, while also saving tons of money of overpriced incomplete software.

How does that sound instead ? I for one am happy with my decision of having abandoned them years ago.

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no thank you Ubi. it's already rubbish and I don't want anything to do with constant online crap for a singleplayer game. just like blizzard. eff off. steam is doing it right and you can't even copy it right.....

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WTF has happening to PC gaming

Origin to play ea games

Steam to to play valve games

B.net to play blizard games

and Now Uplay to play ubisoft games

how many more clients we need now ?

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when Consoles died, possibly you will see more, PSN (Sony.) and Live (Microsoft.) migrate to PC.


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Looking forward to that discounts and run Ubisoft's games with UPlay only instead of running both Steam and UPlay.

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I dunno, this person hawking the Uplay DRM is sounding a little too exited for my tastes.

I shal stick with Steam thanks.

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It is immensely frustrating that publishers keep insisting on pushing their own digital stores, just give gamers Steam sales

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Thanks but no thanks