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Uncovering Red Dead Redemption 2's Biggest Mystery

With so many things to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, there were bound to be some strange nuggets of fun nestled into every corner of the game. Here is the story behind one of the biggest mysteries we've come across so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has proven to be one of the larger games this year, with an average play time of 45-50 hours if you're solely focused on beating the game's story. The side missions in RDR2 are pretty good though, and we recommend you take them on.

One of the side missions in particular proves to be one of the game's shining moments. It's a fairly large mystery, and it raises more questions than it answers if you choose to see it through to the end. In the video above, Joey Yee dives straight into the mission to show you how to beat it, and also raises a few questions as to what the conclusion to the optional quest might mean.

Spoilers for one of RDR2's mid-game quests follow. Don't worry, we won't be spoiling any of the details of RDR2's main story.

Like a few previous Rockstar games, RDR2 contains examples that aliens exist. If you want to see the extraterrestrial visitors yourself, travel north of Emerald Ranch to Hani's Bethel. Inside an abandoned cabin on the side of the road--you'll know you've found it if you see the collection of rotting corpses--you'll discover a note that directs you to look to the sky "At the second hour under the half moon..." If you do, you'll spy your first UFO.

If you then head over to Mount Shann at nighttime, you'll be able to possibly see a second UFO. This one disappears in about 30 seconds of Arthur reaching the peak, so you'll have to be quick and start looking up if you don't want to miss it. To see it, reach the Mount Shann's peak by 1 AM within the same day of seeing the first UFO. No dying on your journey to Mount Shann either.

For more help discovering everything that RDR2 has in store, check out our guides for the game listed below. Red Dead Redemption is available on Xbox One and PS4.

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