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Uncharted Wouldn't Be Made Today, Says Amy Hennig - GS News Update

Drake's adventures don't fit the games-as-a-service model.

Amy Hennig, writer and director of the first three Uncharted games, spoke with VentureBeat during the DICE summit. Hennig explained why she doesn't believe Uncharted would be greenlit today. She also commented on her linear Star Wars game that was pivoted and later outright canceled.

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Drunkman dont allow it. Naughty Dog is infected with SJW virus.

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The fact that many people believe these services aren't going to happen lol It's happening and it's scaring people

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Most games that get green lighted today shouldn't be at all. It's why most of them tank. That and the fact all these companies keep wanting to shoehorn in politics and SJW Hollwood trash.

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@punisher1: it boggles my mind when people like you refuse to admit that it makes smart business sense to cater to 51% of the population who aren’t being catered to in your industry. It’s not “sjw” it’s capitalism.

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Its a war of Gamers VS EA... EA working hard to implement to a certain degree even force a commercial strategy based on maximizing profit study to abandon the once off transactions and hold paying customers for as long as they can. Gamers on the other hand are consumers who will NEVER sign up for this.. outcome.. EA is going down, its already happening, the last BF (BF5) flopped and Anthem is being ridiculed both critically and commercially- here in Europe neither are selling.

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@berrlett: “gamers are consumers who will never sign up for this”

I think a lot of gamers like yourself have an overinflated sense of self importance. “Gamers” DO sign up for the treatment you a hot. In droves. That’s why they do it.

Gamers have told themselves a lot of choice lies about the industry for two decades now and now they are having a hard time seeing things plainly. The info you see as an “enthusiest” who reads “enthusiast press” isn’t the actual story. You don’t see the actual numbers that these publishers make off of mobile games and microtransactions.

The reality is that you’re not with much in the grand scheme of things. “Gamers” are about the worst customers. High expectations, highly demanding, little consideration or humanity, and want to spend as little as possible if not outright steal from the publishers. Why would they bend over bavkwards to make products for that audience?

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Hi Kid, Thanks for the reply to my post. I don't actually consider myself a hardcore gamer simply due to other factors being an adult of a family and can't afford time and space as I used to before.

- Micro-Transactions is a legitimate practice that has been pushed more and more on consumers over multiple platforms. Its fine there is nothing wrong with that (if some developers/publishers see this as their main revenue impacting means they're 100% entitled to it) I personally would only worry about the number of good quality games going forward primarily on PC & consoles as from recent history Micro-Transactions dedicated titles have been increasing but their quality is dropping as shown by recent EA titles for example.

- Try to argue point above and my initial post above without attacking. Adult chat is also fun :)

- "No such thing as enthusiast reading enthusiast press" we live in gaming matrix - yet there are good titles dropping every year we still have 100s if not 1000s of decent developers of all genres and sizes who are prepared to sacrifice practices like Micro-Transactions and prefer to build a long relationship with their customers over many years and titles. I agree its not as it was 10-15 years ago and that number of good titles has seen a decline but right now I don't think we need to be that pessimist.

- Companies (gaming related or others) control several factors ranging from products, marketing, finance economic/industry climate impact to public image and significant market presence. The one thing they have no control over is ....... consumers. Whining, demanding etc is not going to make a lot of difference to the strategy of any company to result in screwing and/or abandoning their audience. By the way if you research a bit more you'll find multiple different types of industries where consumers deemed as unreasonable this is not restricted to game devs/pubs.

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I'm not sure if Gamespot managed to misconstrue what Hennig was saying, or they're just bad at writing articles and the people currently reading this are not contextually informed.

She's COMPLAINING that Uncharted wouldn't be made today and that EA has pushed so many games to go MP without significant Single Player, as it is easier to shove microtransactions and loot boxes down the throat of eager Multi-player (read thirteen year old) gamers who have access to mums credit card details.

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Yeah I totally agree because look at games like The Witcher 1,2 and 3, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, the upcoming Days Gone. Look at how poorly they did without multi....oh wait NO THEY DIDNT. Tell this woman to **** off and take her stupid fucking ideas with her to EA.

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@listerofsmeg: You don't get it, she actually hates the fact that publishers now refuse to green light single player games because they're harder to monetize. They're now rejecting her ideas. She's pissed that her idea for a linear single player Star Wars adventure game was canceled in favor of games like Battlefront II, whose only purpose is to be moneymaking machines meant to take advantage of gamblers with loot boxes. She's agreeing with you and you're insulting her for it. Your reading comprehension skills are severally lacking.

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@Accrovideogames: HORIZON ZERO DAWN. SPIDERMAN. DAYS GONE. FALLOUT 4 again all successful single player games. Thats not her argument. If you are making the argument that you hate singple player games then fine. Do that. but dont whime and complain about EA ruining single player games when that simply isnt fucking true. My comprehension skills are fine it seems to be her reality skills that are in jeopardy. Plus, Shes complaining about loot boxes while TLOU had fucking microtransactions? SERIOUSLY?

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@listerofsmeg: witcher 1 and 2 are ancient. spiderman is megalicense. sure there are but its clear there are now lot less games like bayonetta dead space bionic commando or lets say cold sector or dark void and other games. but there are more mobile games and assassins creed odysseys games with heavy microtransaction policy. uncharted today might be lucky but when it was created houses took way more risks with one time adventures

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I couldn’t disagree more. Single player is still a very important part of gaming. I’m starting to see why she was taken off the uncharted 4 project at the time.

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So no major game can exist anymore that doesn't cater to online play? I really hate that. I get that I'm a gaming dinosaur by now (in my mid 40s), but I've always hated the drive toward online play. I've enjoyed it here and there, but all I really want in a game is a creative world to play in. I like good graphics, gameplay, and good use of music and visual detail to create that world. What I DON'T require is token reasons to keep playing the same game for months. Give me a good campaign and give me an actual goal/ending. If I can get through a game in a weekend, I'm perfectly happy with that. UNCHARTED was great.. I'm sorry that we won't be getting many more like it because people would rather spend all day shooting the same people and collecting loot/perks and whatever contrived micro transactions the devs come up with to make you feel like you're actually accomplishing something. Rant over

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@ploodie: it’s just a trend. The gaming industry has become ULTRA TRENDY and publishers are itching to call the death of single player because they don’t want to keep having to make two separate games that they sell as one. But every time they try to say only multiplayer matters, they get smacked down.

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She is doing a lot of pointless talking. Uncharted is not a Live service today but added content is needed in every game and does not have to be a Live service. She should be working on a great single player game for core audience, not VR. How disappointing.

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@blufalconultra: She goes where anybody is willing to pay her for.