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looks good, too bad i can stand these kinds of game on consoles controllers...

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I had no idea Uncharted had stuff like mutants in it, although I knew it had some supernatural elements I figured they were more just hinted on and left mysterious. I do know the multiplayer in the new one has supernatural powers and such.

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Great story recap. What a series this has been and I've never seen such scenes done so well and in comparison to Tomb Raider is excellent. Uncharted 4 has a home in my heart for how the series has been this whole time. I can bearly wait for the Libertela collection I ordered

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The day I bought my PS3 in 2007, this game had just come out. I hadn't really been following it, but bought it(along with Modern Warfare and Assassins Creed) as my first PS3 game and remember just being blown away by it. Fell in love with this series after that. UC2 is the best game in the series(so far) but this one will always have a special place for me.

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One of the BEST Game Series all of time!

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This is awesome. Thanks! I played at least two of these, but never beat them.

I'm definitely appreciating the recent good video content a la Overwatch and now this recap.