UEFA Euro 2012 Announcement Trailer

UEFA Euro 2012 will be available as a download April 24, 2012, only with FIFA 12.

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Watch EURO 2012 Live Stream << LINK REMOVED >>

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Euro 2012 is coming soon.I am supporting Spain and Germany. What is your best team for Euro 2012. << LINK REMOVED >>

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I wish there was another company to compete with Konami and EA. I played PES 12 it's ok but it's still too arcadish to me. It's nice, it has more substance than shallow Fifa but the animation and music does not make it a dream game for me.

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I gave away my copy of Fifa 12. It is just a patch of Fifa 11 with bad features and dumb defence AI. I was a happy Fifa player since 2010. EA ruptured the gameplay of Fifa from 11 to 12 with no consideration for the gamers. Also the players in Fifa 11 are so much more intelligent( positional awareness) than 12. They released a patch containing glitch on youth contract. Thye never released one to fix it, or improve gameplay because the profit was already made.

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what sucks about it is if you buy fifa 13 you won't have euro 2012 dlc attach to it since it's a fifa 12 exclusive..so in a way EA makes people delay purchasing fifa 13 on release date though affecting release sales targets. oh well!!

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the only reason why they did a DLC instead of a full game purchase is because they know they couldn't match sales numbers..think about it.. this year EA would have 3 soccer games..fifa street, euro 2012 and fifa 13. it makes sense make it a dlc since not everyone would have bought all 3 full price. it just business..maybe next world cup game will be full game purchase not dlc..depending how many they release that year..

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The good....DLC how it should have been ages ago...THE BAD...the same gameplay problems unresolved

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England might get a home town helping hand if they get most of their games in Poland.

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The way it should have been long ago.

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i hope to not be a fake...becouse i love this game ...

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so this is basically an expansion pack. not on disk then...hmmm