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Twin Peaks The Return: One Year Later

It’s been 1 year since we returned to the world of Twin Peaks created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Greg and Ryan celebrate the anniversary of Twin Peaks: The Return by taking a look back at all the new information that’s come out after the season finale; specifically from the final dossier.

It's been one year since the long, long-awaited return of Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks: The Return served as the third season of the show, which otherwise had not been heard from since its cancellation and subsequent prequel film, Fire Walk With Me, debuted in the early '90s. After so many years away, it seemed outrageous to expect the show--Season 2 of which ended on a cliffhanger--to actually return so many years later. But what was even more wild was the fact that it turned out to be an absolutely phenomenal season of television.

In the video above, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Return's debut on Showtime. If you've yet to watch this season, you should absolutely do so first, as we venture into spoilers about the journey that Dale Cooper and company go on.

Among the subjects covered are the many things we learned post-The Return, specifically the revelations included in co-creator Mark Frost's book, The Final Dossier. Whether that's canonical as far as David Lynch is concerned is a separate matter, but the book does provide more juicy tidbits with which to analyze Twin Peaks and The Return, which hardly provided a tidy conclusion to the overall show.

Lynch has said The Return's ending is meant to serve as the end for Twin Peaks, but whether that means we'll never get a Season 4 remains to be seen. Whatever ends up happening, as we explore in the video above, The Return gave us 18 hours of incredible TV to contemplate for years to come.