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True or False with Goose The Cat | Captain Marvel

GameSpot Universe puts Captain Marvel's Reggie The Cat aka Goose to the test with some True or False Marvel-related questions!

When Captain Marvel arrived in theaters, MCU fans were introduced to one of their favorite new characters--besides the titular Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), that is. Along the way, Carol Danvers makes friends with what she believes is a cat named Goose, who goes on to play a pretty important role in the movie--and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

Goose, in actuality, is a flerken--an alien species with horrifying tentacles that spring from its mouth. This particular flerken also swallowed the Tesseract, meaning an Infinity Stone was resting in its stomach for a while.

In actuality, the flerken was played by a cat named Reggie. To celebrate the release of Captain Marvel on Blu-ray, GameSpot has the chance to sit down and chat with Reggie about some pretty important MCU topics, including the Infinity Gauntlet, whether he was offended over not being called for Avengers: Endgame, and if he regrets clawing out Nick Fury's eye. There are also some shots fired at the Guardians of the Galaxy from our new furry friend.

Take a look at our interview with Goose (Reggie) above and check out Captain Marvel when it hits Blu-ray on June 11.