Transistor - E3 2013 Jerk Fight

E3 2013 Day 3 gameplay of Red's encounter with Jerk in Transistor for PC and PS4.

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Bastion on PC was awesome - can't wait for this one!!!

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Hope this comes out on the Xbox too, even if it comes a bit later

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Looks like another Supergiant game and soundtrack I'll be downloading :)

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I am so pumped for this game! Supergaint Games quickly rising to become one of my favorite indie developers.

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I.......don't get it.

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Looks excellent. Great to see PS4 and PC will have first dibs on this. Supergiant Games, like many other indie developers, will not be working exclusively with Microsoft this time around for good reason.

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Will definitively but it! For PC and maybe also for PS4 :D

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I love the art style, adore the female protagonist, and super excited about this game.

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This game is very interesting