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i have him in this game

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Shockwave FTW!!!!!!!!

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which ones better hmm shockwave jazz or demolisher. i like shockwave slightly better then demolisher though.

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hope it's good! if not i'll just change my preorder to playstation move.

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It looks like a good game but Shokewave and Jazz should be in the Xbox marketplace of PS store not pre-order only. But on the other hand then you couldn't get them on PC Wii or DS (I couldn't care less about demolisher being pre-order)

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also i can't wait to see what they do for dead rising 2. maybe a costum. or a wepon. I CAN'T WAIT FOR DR2!!!

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the ad poped up for the gamestop pre order. strange

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just to let everyone know that your not losing money by pre ordering games your just putting 5$ on the game and that's 5$ off the game. And if the game is bad you can always get your money back. just saying that because from some of the comments it would seem people think they are paying 5$ extra lol.

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shockwave carries a gun? and he turns into a jet? pfft... he's supposed to be a giant flying gun just by himself! no dice... no pre order for me :P

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the whole crying about the cost of a game and bending people over with pre-order marketing strategy's are funny. You do realize that the game developers are in business to make money on there IP right? its not a non profit organization

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shockwaves ok, but i would rather go for jazz from best buy, if i reserve this game...

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Multiplayer use only? I don't know if Shockwave alone is worth the pre-order. They should offer more characters than that. How about Sixshot or maybe all three insecticons?

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this is so.... how would i say it? a bit too rgp style

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this is so stupid i would only pre-order if they gave me more stuff like maps or skins if i did pre-order i would choose gamestop because i like shockwave the best

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preorderd it already getting shockwave on ps3!!!!

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@9pc Forcing people to buy bad games is not the only reason for pre order incentives. Sometimes you get some great DLC for great games. Red Dead and Just Cause 2 for example.

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Soundwave is my favorite Decepticon so I wont be pre-ordering this but Shockwave looks awesome. Im getting on release this on release date for sure.

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I pre ordered at Gamestop. Nothin speical. But shock wave is awsome. i can tell there will be flying noobz in this game..

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Game looks awesome. Definitely picking up a copy on release date. Can't say I would pre-order just to get Shockwave though... I'm sure there's better characters already in the game.

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Why is it that the same three trolls are going to all three videos and posting the same exact load of BS word for word? They're probably all the same person with different accounts. Oh well, glad the comments in this video have the right idea about the pre-order bonus.

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@ thegrimrepar Uprepped you, just because you were trying to be humorous. But anyway, he already was a flying ray gun anyway. He has flight capabilities in both bot as well as his alt mode. There was no real need for him to be altered into a plane for that. Now granted, some folks may think it naff that some big ray gun is flying about taking potshots, but he's no different from Galvatron in that sense. Flying cannon as well. *shrugs*

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if this game sucks,i promise that i will become a game designer and make a REAL transformers G1 game with 100 characters!

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Just because of all this pre-order crap I ain't gonna buy s***. Go suck a fat one Activision! And you know what, all these pre-order bonuses makes me nerveous. Trying to force people to order before the reviews comes out? Smells like an over-rated game could be on it's way...

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I'm not going to preorder just to unlock 1 character. But I'm goind to buy standered game. Can't wait!

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preorder, on it

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Well it looks like i'll be pre-ordering Transformers: War for Cybertron from Gamestop. All Hail Megatron

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Im getting this game at gamestop and pre-ordering. Looks like this game's gameplay is like Transformers Armada on PS2... with online. SWEET. BUT, i think the charaters should be for buy on the PSN STORE or XBOX MARKET.

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I agree with everything thats been said this is bull. Not only are the games 60 dollars now, which is understandable since ps3 is bluray, but now you gotta pay and extra 5-10 dollars to get an extra character and you dont even get all of them! Granted its a good marketing strategy cuse businesses know some people will buy it but just shows that all they care about it money. If they wanted to exploit us they could have atleast made the characters buyable on the xbox market place or ps3 market place. But instead they want to completely bend us over. Taking advantage of customers who grew up on this great cartoon. Whoever though of this idea should be shot, i probably wont even buy this game now and ive had it on my watch list for 3 months

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I DON'T THINK IT'S A BIG DEAL.i mean,there are a whole lot of other bots/cons missing in the game anyways.All u transformers fans can not call yourself fans if you don't but this game.personally,shockwave is best.Jazz comes close 2nd.And demolisher should be replaced with six shot.i think this will add to multiplayer cause not everyone will have the same roster.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Valas_Azuviir Now he's just a flying 35-foot-long ray gun.

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I'm glad other people see this for the complete load of BS that it is!!! I'm getting sick and tired of this ****. Unless I buy three copies of the game, I'll be missing a whole character!? That's it, I'm through with this game. I was extremely interested, but now that interest has turned to complete disgust. They can keep this load of horse ****; I won't be spending my money on it. They're giving us the finger; I'm sending two back their way. They can sit and spin on both. I strongly encourage everyone else who is as pissed as me to send a strong message any way they can to the morons who came up with this brilliant idea and let them know how we feel about it.

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@Kazor: On one hand the person credited for this idea should be praised because it is a brilliant move, from a financial point of view... That same person should also be now hung from the gallows, because more and more companies are adopting this method (gamespot, amazon best buy to name a few). Before I was missing a little fraction of the game, and sometimes it was something I did even care about getting. The preorder codes are now special characters outfits etc that can add to the playabl value of the game, your missing out on. Its like I have to pay for the game three times before I get all the extra features.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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In-game content as a pre-order bonus is an enormous bird flipped at the gaming community. Telling people that they aren't entitled to the whole experience just because they weren't first in line with their money is despicable. That said, it's usually just an item, extra sidequest or something like that. Now, they're taking a game revolving around characters that people know, love, and are buying the game specificaly for the chance to play, and not only are they keeping a bunch of them from the people who don't buy first, but even the early adopters get screwed out of 2/3 of the bonus. I was looking forward to this game. Now I don't think I'll be buying it.

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Why is Shockwave a "plane"? He didn't go to Earth with the rest of the Decepticons, so never got an earth based mode for his transformation. He was always a a 35-foot-long ray gun