Total War: ROME II - Black Sea Colonies DLC Trailer

Take a look at the wealthy trading-state of Greek colonists situated on the north-western coast of the Mediterranean, Massilia has embraced Gallic culture and military techniques to form a unique and fascinating independent faction.

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The Northwestern Mediterranean? That's modern day France and Spain, the 3 cultures listed were in what is now Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. For God's sake, dude, it's title has BLACK SEA in it. The three highlighted civilizations were situated around THAT body of water, not the Med.

The trailer doesn't even mention Masillia.

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Masillia is a free playable faction that's not part of this DLC.

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I wish they would update the game so that the cards are more identifiable like in the first Rome. all the Roman foot soldiers look alike. 10 years on I'm still playing Rome Total War, Rome 2 I've only got 2 hours since the day it came out.

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It is amazing how little effort they are putting into dlcs.

They model a couple of wings into the existing standard greek hoplite model, create a custom city map that took them little more than a couple hours to make and they don't even have to bother with the creation of new faction symbols because they are already in the game: 8 freaking euros.

To be honest CA/SEGA are just shameless. They are losing tons of life-long customers.

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These factions have been in the game since day 1. They slap a few new units in them, make some little campaign victory conditions and a tiny voiceover for the intro, and voila, DLC that they charge us $8 for.

I swear, Creative Assembly wants me to hate Total War as much as EA wants me to hate Battlefield as much as Ubisoft wants me to hate Assassin's Creed.

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In other words, we're paying for content already in the game.

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More DLC for a rushed and watered down Total War game? What a shocker!

Gah, sorry for the cynicism I just hate this game so much, and after thoroughly enjoying every other TW to date.