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I hope they will give us a proper career mode this time with sets consisting of 6 gems instead of 3.That was sooo lame in the last installment that it basically made me quit the game. 6:4,6:4,6:7,5:7,8:6..now this a game! Not that 3:2,3:1 etc..bull. Give me the proper game lenght and I'm sold.

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I hope they have an option to turn off the grunting. That's gonna get old really fast.

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I wasn't crazy about the last installment. Probably just me, but the last one felt a bit sluggish, compared to top spin 2. I loved ts 2 though, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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in the career mode, i hope they allow the option to change the set and match lengths, so that i can play first to six games sets and best of 5 sets in teh grand slams. Plus, to be able to save and quit midway through a match would be great. I was disappointed to not find these setings in topspin 3

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no tommy haas

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It was about time they place Serena on the cover:=D. I'm so havin this game so bad. Can't wait to play it, OMG OMG

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I like that in this game mental approach is really important.

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At 4:40 there, it would appear that the crowd is composed of rigid models who won't feel a thing from being hit by a wayward digital tennis ball.

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This looks very promising - I'd heard they were going to add a button to enable you to run around to hit forehands, if this is true then I absolutely can't wait for this!