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Aren't we already past 2016?

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Who knows song on 30 second?

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Top 7 upcoming horror games really ? Friday the 13th by Gun Media is not even on this list . You guys are a joke !

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@capedbear: They said coming in 2016. What reason do you have to believe that Friday the 13th will be done in any capacity that could be considered a high quality game within the next year? It's pretty barebones right now from the footage. There's honestly not even enough gameplay to judge it by yet.

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annoying voice, but good you noticed Routine...was starting to think it dead in the water after the lack of updates recently

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I really do hope that Overkills Walking Dead game succeeds, I don't want to kill mass amounts of zombies I want the survival element and horror of being surrounded and needing to get out of a sticky situation.

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@Keitha313: First thing to make this possible. Bullets are limited like resident evil revelations and 2. Then health is hard to find like dino crises one. then then can add their horror content like silent hills one and 2

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Something about Allison Road kinda turns my stomach. Strange, considering I'm a horror fanatic. I guess that's a good thing for a horror game though. Just what happened to that girl? I think her name's Lily?

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SO glad that Draugen and Routine got a mention on this list!

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Nice list

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Thanks good list.

Perception and Draugen sounds unique and the most interesting among the group.

"The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form".
I get this junk even if I type a single letter or word.

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@GunEye: Me too

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Why does every game have to be either supernatural or sci fi. I think people would like a straight up horror/adventure game. Every game devolves into save with world from monsters not just a violent human. I think people are hungry for scenarios that have some connection to reality and things that have some chance of actually happening. If you make people have to put up more and more ridiculous stories you end up disengaging from the narrative and just play a game for the action alone. Give me a plausible horror tale and stop all these cliches

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@dooku321: Yes, Hollywood horror is hardly any better. Full of "scary dolls" and wardrobe doors opening by themselves. Need a groundbreaking horror game.

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i hope Outlast 2 has more decent monsters in it. the ones in the first game were super boring.

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Kind of hoping last year comes out soon, as it sounds fun. a 5 v 1 asymmetrical horror game where one player plays as a "Jason/Michael Myers" killer while everyone else plays as teens with various abilities and stats.

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Oh look, more first person horror games...

I feel like Jim Sterling has completely spoiled me of being excited for any kind of horror game, even though I don't personally play them myself, that the stigma of "First person horror game" makes me want to weep.

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@kalgert: You want a third person horror game?

The idea of being in a first person perspective works so well and is the norm for horrors is because you can't really adjust yourself for whats around the corner the only way you find out is by looking whereas third person its open you can hide and see whos on the other side without actually looking that and its impossible to properly sneak up on you.

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@Keitha313: A third person horror game can also work, example being Silent Hill. Yes it is very much semi-fixed camera but it's still not a first person horror game. Yes, it may be a "Norm" for horror games to be in first person, but the "Early Access" scene that Jim Sterling shows has all but completely ruined the idea of "First person horror game" to the point that I just shrug and say "Oh look, a first person horror game"

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I don't know any horror games next year besides Outlast 2.

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How about the horror of being stranded in space, alone? No monsters, no gore, just pure inner turmoil? Can a game convey horror without the conventional crutches we've seen a billion times?

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@tunarage: There is a game on Steam greenlight called "Routine."

I think it might be just what you are looking for.

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doom isnt a horror game you cant be serious... it used to be more like a bad ass scary game, and the demo of doom 4 placing the enemy feet or boots inside their mouth is not scary at all...

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every last one of these are first person ffs

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These aren't horror games. Real horror games are from the late 90's and early 2000's. They are made in Japan and are in the 3rd person perspective.

These are facts.

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@BradBurns: real horror games are scary. silent hills and resident evils are not as scary as something like Amnesia. i like the gameplay of those third person games more, though.

lol. "facts".

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@BradBurns: I think you mixed your opinion about what is an horror game with the fact that those games existed. I also happen to enjoy those more.

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doom doesn't count

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All I care about is Routine. I love Aaron, Peter and Jemma. Awesome developers.

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The future doom is anything but horror. Also Routine looks really great.

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The X box one, ps4 and Wii U are current gen and not nex gen nex gen is the ps 5

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@j12456788: wii u isn't current gen it's last gen

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@Hammershock6: well they understand teh concept of ENTERTAINAMENT business, the thing is the know their audience, and rely on nostalgia. who needs graphics when 80% of your customers still love 8 bits games and characters

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Happy Halloween Mary!

Draugen and Outlast 2 look like definite must-buys. Alison Road looks like it could be really good too, although the graphics shown here have that kind of cheesy, plasticky look to them so that could dampen the effect a bit.

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Do people really consider The Walking Dead to be horror? I mean, just because it's zombies doesn't make put it in the horror genre. I always considered it to be action-drama.

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@JW2252: That's a good point, and even in the games that's what people have focused on. Telltale's TWD has praised over and over for it's difficult choices and morality questions, but I don't recall anything about the horror aspect or it being scary.

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@hystavito: There are a few jumpscares, like in Epidoe 4, when (Spoilers) at the end Lee goes to pick up a Walkie-Talkie and a zombie jumps out and bites him.

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I just hope that horror games won't all turn into walking simulators. Because this really seems like it so far and that'd be quite disappointing.

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@Fandango_Letho: Most classic horror games had exploration as a foundation mechanic. Combine that with helplessness you can let people experience by giving no weapons and you have modern day horror games.

I believe Outlast is the cause of this, along with Slender. I for one like it because having weapons really kills the horror experience and makes it into a survival/action game.

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@rohitv2312: I'd say Amnesia started the trend in combatless horror games, not Outlast. Up until that point the horror game scene was flooded with games heavy in shooting mechanics, popularized by Resident Evil 4 and, later, Dead Space. Not until Amnesia made a concerted effort in removing combat—thus increasing helplessness—did swarths of other games run with that idea. And it totally makes sense—it's terrifying to feel helpless. Feeling as though you can fight back against everything doesn't tap into that type of terror.

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@Fandango_Letho: Yeah that's true most are like that nowadays. I think part of the reason is that they have become sort of anti-shooters, anti-action games. Shooting and guns and action was getting bashed as same old cookie-cutter garbage, then some horror games came along where you had no weapons or ability to fight and the press really praised them for it. Around the same time non-horror walking sims came around and were a massive hit with the press receiving overwhelming praise. I guess the non-combat horror games fit nicely in the middle. But then every horror game wanted to do the same thing.

Not long ago you still had horror games touting their no guns no combat as some big new feature when they were like the 100th game to do it by then :).

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Wow, some of those upcoming games look very good especially Doom.

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Alison Road looks like it could be something really special.

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@djpetitte: The silent hills we deserve?

The trailer/Gameplay looked really claustrophobic and scary to me. And I am the kind of person who feels safe in closed/confined spaces.

So yeah, that trailer looked promising, as it may well give me a claustrophobic experience for once in my life.

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I've had Routine on my tracked list for years, I can't wait for that one.

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those games look scary.

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